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  • Does Lan Ramen-Ya have take out or delivery for their Ramen?

    Take yes, not sure about delivery but doubtful unless it's Eat24 or UberEats because they're a small family business Read less

    Take yes, not sure about delivery but doubtful unless it's Eat24 or UberEats because they're a small family business

    2 months ago
  • Are there any vegan options here (no dairy, egg, or meat)? Do they have an alternative to the traditional ramen noodle, like udon or rice noodles?

    Kazu A. of Lan Ramen-Ya

    Business Owner

    Hi thank you for your inquiry. We have a vegetarian ramen (garden ramen) and a vegetarian fried rice. Both can be made vegan by taking out the egg and the butter. We use ramen noodles exclusively. Thank you Read less

    Hi thank you for your inquiry. We have a vegetarian ramen (garden ramen) and a vegetarian fried rice. Both can be made vegan by taking out the egg and the butter. We use ramen noodles exclusively. Thank you

    One month ago
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  • 5.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    OMG this place is my happy place when I am in the Gables and need some ramen! My GF and I will often walk the 20-30 minutes to Lan Ramen-Ya because we love the food that much.

    Every single time I come here, the service is impeccable! Friendly and not bothersome, they are always smiling and know just when to stop by and see if you need anything.  A++++++

    The food. OMG the food.  Everything I have ever eaten here has been an amazing symphony of flavors. My tastebuds cry with job when I eat here. Whether it is the hot brussels salad, the cold brussels salad, the pork and chive gyoza, the kimchee ramen, and my GF's favorite the special fried rice.  Everything is on point! The tastes are just fantastic and you will wind up eating every single piece of food on the plate or every last drop of broth in the bowl even if your stomach is telling you that you have no more room. The prices are more than reasonable. This is the place to go if you want to have an amazing food experience!

  • 3.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Hot Brussel Sprouts: 4/5
    The fish sauce and lemongrass brings out the sweetness in the Brussel sprouts and made them delicious! The vegetables weren't overcooked or undercooked, they were cooked just right which made the Brussel sprouts crunchy but not too hard.
    Kimchi Ramen- 3/5
    The soup was kind of spicy but not overboard spicy, just like a 'pinch' of spiciness to me, like a kick or something along that line. The soup was warm but leaning more towards to cold. Noodles were not overcooked but slightly undercooked, like the texture of the noodles wasn't the slurpy type of noodles because it was kind of hard to chew so you couldn't really slurp them. The broth wasn't hot enough to help soften the texture of the noodles.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I am a bit of a ramen snob and its tough to find a good place in Miami for it. Lan Ramen wasnt the best but it certainly wasnt the worst. Restaurant has simple decor with jpop and jrock playing in the background, which was awesome. Sake and beer to drink, I had one of the sake and it delightful. It was served in a shot glass however, idk I feel it should be served in an ochoko or traditional serving cup. Its like getting champagne in a wine glass instead if a flute.

    As a starter we had the miso salmon yaki which was spectacular. Salmon was perfectly crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside. Very flavorful just incredible. We also had yuzu edamame which was just edamame. Nothing special. I went with the classic Tonkatsu ramen. Thought the broth was tasty, nothing out of this world but good. It didnt come with ramen noodles however, fairly certain it was spaghetti. Pork was tasty however the peices were so so small. The egg was a little cold, not to the temperature of the broth. It wasnt a bad experience but it wasnt a great one.

  • 3.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    I am very disappointed with this place. My sister saw this place on yelp labeled "hot and new" so she recommended that we go try. The restaurant is very clean and the service is also wonderful, I really can't complain...however, this is a restaurant, so food is the most important thing!

    My sister and I we ordered kimchi ramen, the hot Brussel sprout and mochi for dessert.
    1. The kimchi....the broth was cold upon serving, the noodles are hard and some at the bottom of my bowl are actually stuck together as in a chunk. No bueno!!

    2. The brussel spout is good. I've had better but it was ok.

    3. Mochi was good! It is very expensive though. 2 pieces of mochi for $5.

    I also ordered food to go for my brother. I got the chicken appetizer, #1, I forgot the name and also the classic ramen.
    The ramen are packed separately BUT the broth that they gave only come in a come on! I paid $14 for the ramen and they can't give a quart for the broth? I've been to Moshi Moshi, another ramen restaurant wide a wide variety of other food, that when you ordered to go, the ramen and the soup is packed separately and they made sure that they serve enough of both ramen and the broth! In all honesty, this new ramen restaurant's standard is low when compared to Moshi Moshi bc not only the food was good, the quantity is great, but you also get 7% cash back with your credit card that's registered with yelp.

    Overall, I can say I'll be back, didn't bother register for their rewards. Thanks for the great service though, the food was just lacking.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    I love ramen. I've had it in NYC, I've had it in DC, and I dream of the day I go to Japan and have some. Maybe because I've been spoiled by having it in different places, I've become quite picky with ramen. It doesn't help either that ramen in Miami is practically nonexistent and the bit that does manage to survive is acceptable at best. Mind you, this is my opinion without even delving into price.

    Because of all the aforementioned, I was hesitant to go to Lan Ramen-Ya. I figured it would get in between the cracks and become just another okay Asian place that serves ramen. Despite this, I still wanted to try it as some part of me hoped it would be different. I finally worked up the nerve to do so on President's Day only to find it closed for the holiday. This past Friday, however, it was open, and given that they take American Express cards, that is essentially how we ended up there. I am so pleased by this circumstance.

    When we arrived, we missed it. We had a feeling we would. The signs of this restaurant aren't exactly very prominent, but nevertheless, we found it by slowing down. It must have been our lucky night, or rather the reality is I don't think this place has reached peak popularity yet, but we essentially got a parking spot right across the street from the restaurant. We entered, sat down, and were brought menus to peruse right away.

    I had read some of the reviews beforehand, so I had an idea of what I wanted. I had the salad that does indeed come with an amazing dressing. I then ordered the kimchee ramen. My boyfriend, on the other hand, ordered some chicken bites which were delicious. The texture itself reminded me a bit of calamari. He, too, had the kimchee ramen, as well as some uncommon beer that was huge. The kimchee ramen was labeled as spicy and I scoffed. I find most places say something is spicy and it isn't. Believe it for this one though, but note that it's not an unbearable spicy, just a spicy full of flavor.

    My mouth wanted to do a waltz. Everything swirled happily, a combustion of different spices. The ramen itself was a delectable treat. The pork was perfect, the egg, oh, the egg, I could dream of the egg alone. I really do think I need to get a second one next time around. The egg was cooked exquisitely, needing nothing more to be done. Biting into it, the gushes of the yolk and the skin - simply heavenly. The nori was great. My boyfriend even ordered extra. Everything paired well, although the noodles came as a surprise. They were thicker than I thought they would be, but hey, it just makes it a more indulgent meal.

    If you left broth, like we did, you could take it home and for $2 more, get some noodles on the side. Hello, quick second meal! Must say it's worth it, and on some off chance, your refrigerator decides to pull a fast one on you, like it did me, the noodles itself make a fine addiction to another meal. The broth ended up freezing on me for some unknown reason (sigh; my fridge is the devil), but the noodles were on point and I happily made my own recipe with them. That said, they only have one dessert option, mochi, and we would have had that except we wanted something with more substance. It's two pieces of mochi for $5. I find that a bit expensive, but that's because I get a box of six for $4 at Trader Joe's.

    Anyhow, we will definitely back. The staff is kind and efficient, the ramen the best in Miami, no exceptions, and honestly it's a nice place. I love the wall art that they have with a samurai, a young girl, and a sumo wrestler slurping on ramen. It's just too cute!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Visiting Miami, extremely tired after a long drive and my wife suggests ramen. We look up a place relatively close to our hotel. I didn't expect much to be honest as when I think of Miami, I think of Cuban food. I was so wrong and now must thank my wife on a daily basis for deciding on ramen. 

    For appetizer was got the Japanese style fried chicken- a delightful, lightly fried, somewhere in between tempura and southern style fried chicken. The red pepper sauce on the side was unique and excellent as well. 

    For ramen, we got the classic and the kimchi ramen. It comes down to the broth. Both broths were creamy and rich. Not too much salt which has been the fault of many a ramen restaurant. The temperature was perfect for immediate consumption (not scalding hot like some restaurants and not lukewarm either). The pork belly was perfectly sliced and evenly cooked. The egg was so soft and delicious. The spinach and kimchi (in the kimchi) and the bamboo shoot (in the classic) were nothing special but the overall ramen itself was A+. We've had ramen in the Hawaii ramen alleys run by Japanese chefs, NYC, and DC and I think this is the best so far.

    For dessert, we got the black sesame and the green tea mochi ice cream. It seems that they make it themselves or must get it from someone special. It reminded me of the mochi my mother made and the texture of the mochi was soft and chewy. There was a lot of ice cream in the middle and the layer of mochi on the outside was thinner than your typical store bought mochi ice creams. If you love sesame do yourself a favor and get the black sesame!

    The service was impeccable. The restaurant was full and there were only 2 servers but they seemed to be everywhere at once. They even stopped by a few times to check in. 

    Finally, the restaurant seems to be owned by Japanese people, which is a definite plus. As a Korean, I have gone to so many "Japanese restaurants" owned by Koreans or Chinese (or other ethnic groups), which is fine but typically you don't get the most authentic taste/experience.  Hopefully we'll be able to travel to Japan to have "authentic ramen", but if we come back to Miami, I know where I'll be!

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Ra-Ra-Ramen-Ya! This is my new favorite Ramen spot in Miami. Delicious ramen, great prices, and attentive service. This place is amazing and it is exactly what Miami needed!

    I came here with my boyfriend on a Saturday night. This little restaurant on Alcazar in the Gables used to be Yuga, before it was transformed into a ramen concept. The space is small, simple, and casual. They don't take reservations, but we were seated right away.

    As a starter we ordered the steamed gyoza, which were delicious. For our main courses, we enjoyed a Classic Ramen and a Kimchi Ramen. They were both amazing, but the Kimchi Ramen... wow. The spicy, flavorful broth, and amazingly fresh noodles just made this dish perfect. The Classic also had a rich broth, bamboo shoots, an egg that was perfectly cooked, nori, spinach, and some delicious chashu pork. The best part about the ramen at Lan Ramen-Ya is that you can customize it by adding more toppings to your bowl, such as extra meat or fresh buttered corn. They also had rice bowls which looked delicious, but we didn't get the chance to try one. For dessert, we ordered the green tea and black sesame mochi ice cream. This was some of the best mochi I've tasted! The mochi was not too gummy, and the ice cream inside was super creamy.

    The service here was excellent. Our server was very friendly, and the chef/owner Chef Johnson was helping out on the floor and making sure everyone was enjoying their meal.

    So my favorite part about this ramen spot? The affordable prices! Whoever said ramen has to cost $20+ dollars in Miami is about to eat their hat because the ramen here was only $14 per bowl, of amazing quality, with super-filling portions!

    See you soon Lan Ramen-Ya. I will definitely be back for some more delicious ramen!

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    First time ever trying authentic Ramen in Miami and I must say that the yelp reviews left for this spot did not disappoint. At all.
    The owners of Lan Ramen are the same as LAN Pan Asian in Dadeland. The food was so tasty and service was seamless. VERY fast! Fresh, hot, delicious. So good!
    Portions are plentiful and I found the dishes to be reasonably priced.

    The restaurant is only one month old however you can just tell they're going to do so well. There is no visible sign up yet so you've got to drive slow and be vigilant when looking for it.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Did this just open? Where has this been all my life. I was doing my nails close by and decided to walk in and give it a try for lunch. I'm so glad I did. Babe and I live on the same street as Momi ramen which is authentic and you can't even order in English, you just point at what you want. But the bowls of ramen are 35 dollars, insane! In my opinion this place was just as good.

    My ramen came with a little side of i believe Kimchee, it was spicy and amazing. I kept putting more in my bowl even though I was already coughing from the spice because it was so good. The eggs in the ramen were cooked perfectly and the pork was a good amount.

    The bowl of ramen came with a salad and a dressing which was honestly one of the best dressings I've tasted. My lunch was excellent and it was $14. If you check in you get a discount.

    Seriously coming back and bringing babe. You should too.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    TLDR - Got that yum yum in my tum tum

    I was so distraught back when Yuga closed and was worried when I saw that the new concept was going to be a ramen joint. So far, every place in Miami is either good, but overpriced, or affordable, but just satisfactory. Lan Ramen-Ya has officially flipped the script on Miami ramen, offering both an exquisite bowl while still letting you feel like Kanye standing on his wallet.

    A few things go into the perfect gustatory symphony that is the comforting bowl of ramen you'll find here. (1) A rich, flavorful broth, (2) a perfectly marinated ajitama egg, cut in half, displaying a golden yellow-orange semi-runny yolk, (3) salivary gland provoking chasu pork with just enough fat to melt over your taste buds, and of course (4) a heaping portion of noodles that have optimized chew:break ratio with each slurp.

    Additionally, their menu has a couple of their home specials. I got to try their hot brussel sprouts, which are flash fried in a fish sauce and mixed with garlic. Wonderful healthy option to start your meal. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention their salad dressing. Every ramen bowl comes with a green salad to start and the dressing they prepare is extraordinary to say the least. I even asked my server (shoutout to Amy for being awesome) if she knew the recipe and she said she can't even figure it out. The foundation of it tastes similar to the traditional ginger dressing, but there's a mix of cilantro and extra citrus definitely in there. It's also got a little bit of a vinaigrette feel, but anyways, you'll HAVE to try it for yourself.

    Maybe you'll disagree with me. Maybe you've been living in LA or New York, and you're ramen standards are higher than an audience at Woodstock. But you'll have to experience this place for yourself before making any judgements. I'll definitely be back to have a couple of the different ramens and try their fried rices too.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • First to Review and 2 other badges

    The search is over. I've finally found my go-to Ramen spot in Miami. My fiancé and I have been looking and after trying multiple other spots ( see my previous reviews) We had never found one that compared to the authentic ramen we so enjoyed in NYC-- until tonight.

    We dined here at 8pm on a Tuesday. After doing a quick Yelp search, this restaurant popped up on our feed. Having no reviews and no tips yet, we were a little weary to give yet another ramen spot in Miami a shot, but boy are we glad we did!

    We were greeted immediately by the owner, a very friendly man who told us that they had just opened one week ago and were just getting things started. He is also the owner of another restaurant that's been around for 17 years, Lan PanAsian Cafe by Dadeland Mall and decided to open a new and different spot in the Gables.

    We ordered 2 Classic Ramens with chashu pork, one extra spicy and the other mild. We only had to wait 10 minutes before being served the dishes. The portions were large, noodles were authentic and cooked to the right texture, the broth was bursting with flavor, not salty like all the other spots we've tried down here. The ramen came with 4 large thick pieces of pork, absolutely delish!!

    The ramen here compares to some of the best places that I've visited in NYC.

    ** if you finish your noodles and still have some of the tasty broth left over, just let them know and they'll bring you another bowl full of noodles for just $2.


  • 5.0 star rating

    I didn't wanna like this place. 5 stars on Yelp, in Miami? Who do you think you are? Psh. Pretentious. What do you know about the top notch Ramen in CA and NYC, Tokyo and Osaka? C'mon, who are you kidding? Isn't this place known for cigars and sandwiches? Bikinis and Versace?

    ...ok. the Classic just killed it, with the subtle creaminess I've come to expect from Japanese Ramen. The noodles were....I mean they were good noodles. The onsen style egg was cooked perfectly...what is this, sous vide? Anyway, yeah ok so what....but by the time I got to the pork....the evenly sliced, marbled, and luscious, moist pork that often comes out dry in some parts at other 5 star restaurants, but not this time....ugh. Okayyyy. You got me. You got me you bastards. This and the attentive and cheerful waiter. I'm never going to concede defeat for my native San Francisco. But damn it, these 5 star reviews were well earned. And I never thought I would say this, but next time I'm in Miami, I'm partly there for the ramen.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    The dining experience at Lan Ramen-Ya was exceptional!!!

    After being greeted and seated by the friendly staff, we took a quick look at the menu although being pretty set on trying their Ramen.

    We started with some hot sake and an order of the Hot Brussel Sprouts which featured some crispy shallots, micro-greens, and a citrus tang. A great way to start the meal!

    Then moved onto the main course, the ramen. We got the Kimchi and the Miso Ramen. Both dishes shared the same type of noodles which had a very good flavor and texture! Probably my favorite part of the ramen. The pork broth in the Kimchi Ramen was phenomenal and the Miso was delicious too! The Shoyu Egg was incredibly delicious! I wish I had ordered extra... The Pork Chashu had amazing flavor and texture but to be honest it was sliced too thin and too small of a portion for the size of ramen it came in. Definitively will try all of the different ramen in later visits as well as the fried rice and other starters.

    We wrapped up the experience with an assortment of Mochi (which never disappoint). Apparently came to realize I'm a big fan of the Black Sesame Seed flavor.

    After done with our meal we noticed that the restaurant started to get packed rapidly and we noticed that there was a need for a host/hostess to keep the new arriving patrons from piling up at the door. This is obviously a very good sign, but people might get discouraged if they're not acknowledged or put down on a waiting list.

    Lan Ramen-Ya is already a very strong contender in the Ramen wars popping up all across South Florida after only being open for almost two months!!! We wish them best of luck and keep bringing world-class umami to Miami!

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Random cold nights in Miami call for some Ramen. My boyfriend and I work in the area and we both had just gotten off of work when we decided we both were in the mood for Ramen. Found this little gem on yelp and I'm happy to report the reviews are accurate. This place is awesome!

    Cozy and casual environment. We were happy to see there were only a few people inside lol. We were greeted right away; staff is super friendly and welcoming.

    We started off with the Salmon Miso Yaki. This is a must get! Super flavorful and tender. We also ordered the hot Brussels sprouts for our appetizer. We were pleased that this too was just as good. Perfect combination of flavors/ingredients; melts in your mouth. The Brussels sprouts are cooked in a fish sauce which makes this selection so delicious and unique. For our entree we shared the Kimchee fried rice. I ordered the Miso Ramen and my boyfriend had the Sho-yu ramen. Everything was sooooo delicious. The fried rice was SUPER good, I almost ate the whole thing by myself :p

    5 star experience, will definitely be back soon. It's hard to find a good Ramen spot in Miami. If you're on the hunt, look no further; this is where it's at!

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Pretty good ramen, decent pricing compared to the other ramen places in Miami.

    Kind of hard to locate, but that is because they just opened and were still in the process of decorating the place when I went and didn't have their grand opening yet. They didn't have a sign above the storefront, just a window sticker on the doors.

    Service was great! The chef/owner came out to greet us. The waiter gave great recommendations and the ramen came out quickly. However, my table was the only one there when I went so that may have played a factor.

    Would recommend.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Yummmmm! Where do I start?! The ramen was on point. The portions were generous and the price was right ($14)! We ordered the Kimchi and Miso Ramen. Both were fantastic. The best part of the Ramen was the noodles. The Pork was amazing and the egg was incredible. The broth was also delicious. Probably the best Ramen I've had in Florida. Besides the Ramen we had the hot Brussel Sprouts. They were also well prepared and delicious. They had a homemade Chili Relish that was out of this world! Really added flavor and spice to everything.
    The service was great. Friendly and attentive staff. They have only been open for a month and a half and the place was packed! Great sign! They might need a hostess to keep up with business! Other than that the place was casual and decor was minimalistic. Can't wait to go back!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I came here for lunch on Saturday, surprisingly no wait at all. Street parking is easy and spacious.
    Gyoza and ramen were so-so .I would not recommend you add them as extra.I could tell gyoza was not very fresh from my first bite,but I didn't pay much attention to it. Unluckily, We both had stomachache in the afternoon.And ramen was the only thing we ate in that day.
    So no matter what , I won't come back anymore.......

    Comment from Kazu A. of Lan Ramen-Ya
    Business Owner
    3/1/2018 Thank you for taking the time to post a review. We sincerely apologize that you did not enjoy your… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Small little place that has a pretty basic menu, which is a-okay! We had the edamame, kimchee fried rice and miso ramen. The rice for me was pretty basic and not really appealing and the soup was mediocre due to the simplicity of it. I would like to try the pork one next time as it adds way more flavor to a soup. I like my ramen soups to be a little more complex to add flavors. But hey, that's just me! I will keep searching for the love of noodles.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    I am bit skeptical when it comes to tomato based broths but OMGEE this is not overpowering at all, the taste is a savory smooth silky deliciousness !

    The burger is tofu, well seasoned and the crispy shell balances the plate. The corn provides memories of Cuban chicken caldo , which I love! I ordered extra noodles Just in case hehe. My next visit will be for the fried rice!

    Service is optimal and the place is kept in order and clean. Happy to have found his place!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Cool little ramen spot that opened up in the gables. The J-pop on the speakers and various unique beers/soda really drove home the experience for my friends and I who are all ramen lovers by the way.

    Our waitress Pamela was absolutely super helpful and a delight as she explained all the dishes and answered my follow up questions with great detail. We started with the Brussel sprouts, gyoza, and the fried chicken (karaage) everything was absolutely delicious, though the karaage didn't have that distinct soy,ginger,garlic marinade flavor I've come to expect from the traditional version.

    The ramen was really well done as well. The egg, probably the most perfect doneness I have had compared to anywhere else in Miami. The noodles were soft but had the texture required to stand up to that broth. I added extra roast garlic and beni shoga (just my preference) but the fact they had an extensive topping menu just made it that much better. The broth was a little on the thin side, I personally would like to see the flavor a little more developed. The pork chasu melted in my mouth!

    All in all, I definitely will be returning!

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