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Erik’s Auto Body Shop


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  • “Once again, Erik's team repaired and restored my vehicle to its brand new condition.” in 77 reviews

  • “I also want to congratulate Mr. Amir, Sam and the entire team for their professional service.” in 54 reviews

  • Amir especially was great to work with and went above and beyond to assist me; he was extremely personable and nice to talk to.” in 33 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    This is my go-to Auto Shop!

    The staff here is very friendly and informative! When it comes to cars, I know nothing about what's under the hood but the mechanics here take the time to explain to you what's wrong and answer any questions you have. Carlos is one of the mechanics here and he is the sweetest. I've been to the shop a few times and he remembered me since the first time. I always leave here with more knowledge about my car! They're honest and this is the reason I love coming here.

    Their logo is "we met by accident" as funny and corny it is - it's true! I was referred here by someone the beginning of the year when I got into an accident. Since then I love coming here because they always take such good care of my car.

    Whenever I have questions or want a status of my car, I just call the shop and speak to Moe. He's kept me in the loop and always answer all my questions whether it's about my status of the car or dealing with insurance. To be honest - all the other staff I've met but can't remember their names are nice!

    I've recommended this place to my friends and family because of their honesty. They welcome you with open arms and they treat you with kindness.

  • 1.0 star rating

    If I could give this place NEGATIVE STARS, I'd pay to do so. UNPROFESSIONAL.  
    Poor service, poor management, poor customer service.

    First of all, I really hope that others read through my review thoroughly to avoid any negative experiences.

    I got into a car accident 10/03/2017 and "someone" from BMW claimed that they are from the dealer and took my car for repair. I was not FULLY aware that my car was to be taken to an outside repair shop. Also I had hired a lawyer for this whole process.

    There are several reasons why I was so displeased with this place.
    1. I received my car back 11/24/17. That is almost 2 months they took for repair. I was PROMISED that my car would be returned to me on 11/6 then they had changed to 11/10. Then again, they had delayed on weekly basis until I had my car finally back on the 24th.

    2. Repair was done poorly and I have scheduled my car to be taken to the dealership AGAIN.

    3. COST.
    I would like to post my invoice but I'll refrain myself from doing so until I take my car to the dealership and discuss matters with them. But let me tell you the breakdown.
    TOTAL COST: $15324.00

    PARTS: $5173.90
    BODY LABOR : $2490.00    41.5hr
    PAINT LABOR : $1062.00 17.7 hr
    MECHANICAL LABOR: $4278.00 27.6 hr

    I wonder why it took so long to return my car back to me...... HaHa

    4. RUDE
    Time is GOLD to me. There is a reason why I hired a lawyer. I had specifically stated not to be bothered by phone calls. I was called MULTIPLE times while I was in a very important meeting on several days, including Thanksgiving holidays. Also, they had worked terms with my lawyer already to provide a rental for that 2 weeks of delay period. It was agreed upon that they would deliver my car back to my home and take the rental back. However, they called me to drop off the rental car at their dealership which is more than 40+ miles away from my home and to come in and pick up my car as well. EXCUSE ME?????? When I had finally complained to their employee who kept calling me, she stated that that is what her boss has told her. Obviously, they do not care about their customers at all.

    This place definitely WINS IT ALL at being the WORST.  I honestly wonder where they get their reviews from. If you are wise, do not make the mistake that I made. Thanks for reading

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is "the best" most reliable, friendly... We took our car for a bent door not only they gave the car the best treatment they returned it with a full rank and it was completely detailed it smells like new and looks like new. Our go to place forever- they work for the client!

    Bob & Nancy

  • 1.0 star rating

    This place is absolutely suck. Poor service, lie to you in every way. Their promise is nothing. They tricked you and try to make profits. They will take your car in after 5pm (closed)but not able to release your car even though you just drop off your car. They promised they will return to you next day. But......
    The storage is one day, I need to pay $705 in cash before they return the car back to me. No credit card no check no warning they require cash upfront.
    If you decide to go for this shop, you better think it over again. I learned this mistake and I don't want you to copy my painful experience.
    Seriously, I wish I can give them negative star if I can.

  • 5.0 star rating
    7/19/2017 Updated review

    I will update my review because after being ignored by Sam I sent a demand letter to the shop requesting what was promised. I was contacted within a couple days by a man named Amir, that said he was the owner. I was at first skeptical because whenever I called his name was never mentioned as being the owner, but then again the receptionist played dumb whenever I called.

    I will say this Amir did everything he could to rectify the damage caused by Sam. From speaking with Amir it seems he is very customer service driven.

    It seems Amir was victimized by Sam as well in the sense that he trusted him to do a job and Sam did it poorly.

    Although we won't get back the lost time on the vehicle while it was at the shop, I believe Amir is doing everything in his power to earn back the trust of customers and salvage the reputation of Erik's.

    I know for some they may always have that doubt in their mind because of the bad experience with Sam, but Sam was an employee (manager) and it seems now that the owner Amir is involved he is definitely cleaning up Sam's mess and trying to make customers happy.

    I hope everyone will be happy to know that Sam the swindler is no longer an employee of Erik's! So yes Amir takes his business seriously!

    1.0 star rating
    6/27/2017 Previous review
    Can you please go with negative 20. I beg you, please do not take your vehicle to this shop. This is… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    If you looks a good service and quality to fix the your car. I will not recommend this company. They promised you to reimbursed you back with your rental car payment whiles you fixed your car over there, but they will never reimbursed you back. I requested to reimburse the payment for the rental car for over two months. As of now, they still haven't pay me back.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Erik's auto body is an awesome place!
    My vehicle was totalled out and insurance gave me a run around!
    Tried multiple times to screw me out of money as well as try and slander Erik's shop but Amir bent over backwards to help me. All Amir did seemed almost too good to be true yet he was a man of his word and came through  on everything. Amir is just the best! Every employee at this shop was totally nice well mannered and actually cared! You can tell the management at this shop is phenomenal by how happy all the employees are you know they enjoy working for Erik's and that in result makes all the customers feel better.
    Honestly Erik's turned an unfortunate event into a great relationship I will be doing business with Erik's autobody as long as he is in business!

  • 5.0 star rating

    They did good work and I was helped by Moe and Patricia in resolving an issue with the rental car. Thanks for the good service!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Erik's auto body shop took good care of me and my BMW after a pretty gnarly accident. Amir is a very sweet and outgoing guy here to make you feel comfortable and make sure your car is in good hands. My car looks fantastic and drives great, they even detailed the whole inside. Also we were reimbursed for the rental as well. Thank you Amir and Moe for taking such good care of us!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Deleting my review.

    In hindsight, I was not honest in my experience with Erik's Auto Body Shop. Frankly, I don't know how this shop hasn't been sued yet. Not only is this shop in cahoots with the tow truck companies but they are in some kind of business with the nearby Hertz.

    When I was involved in my accident, I immediately contacted my insurance company who then summoned a tow truck company to pick up my car. Not much longer after I hung up the phone, I received a call from someone claiming to be with Toyota saying they were aware of my accident  (red flag). The fraud on the phone said to take my car to Erik's which was actually way across town (red flag #2). I went against my better judgement... i found out later that, the guy who called me claiming to be with Toyota did not work for Toyota; he was associated with the tow truck company. That's how these tow companies operate. They receive kickbacks from auto body shops for referring accident victims to them.

    When my car was dropped off, I obviously needed a rental. Erik's Auto Body Shop was really insistent that I rent from the Hertz nearby because they'd be able to offer me a better deal than any other location(red flag #3).

    My accident was bad but not that serious. In the end, they had my car for 4 months. They gave me every excuse in the book for keeping my car so long. They ordered the wrong part, it was on backorder, it was raining, you name it...

  • 1.0 star rating

    This place is a fraud!!
    December 22 I took my vehicle in and was told it was going to take about a week or two to be repaired I got my car months later and was told they would cover all cost of the rental since they were taking so long. Almost a year later now I am being billed from hertz because they never paid any of the cost and now I have been sent to collections. I have tried contacting them numerous of times and have been given the run around. Please do not go to this place they are a bunch of frauds.

  • 5.0 star rating
    9/4/2017 Updated review

    A semi truck crushed the front end of my brand new 370z ! I brought it to the guys that I can depend on like always and like always they took care of my damage with brand new parts and paint! Car looks better now than when I brought it new! Also they do things in a timely manner which makes them my number 1 body shop! Thank you staff and crew at eriks!

    5.0 star rating
    12/21/2015 Previous review
    I wanna start by saying Erik auto body     employees really do care about there     costumers. My… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    These guys are great. They'll be up-front with you, honest, concerned, and tell you everything that's involved from points A to Z.

    I've had my car there, and they did a great job. I can't recommend them more highly!

  • 5.0 star rating

    High level work with quality parts. The service is the best you'll find. Thanks Amir.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I noticed a lot of negative reviews but I have a feeling those were from when the body shop was at its old location because my experience here recently (October) was absolutely superb. It's in a new location nearby - a clean, brand new, and professional environment. Moe was very kind and eager to help me. I am young and barely make any money but he was understanding and gave me a deal on what I thought was going to be over $1500. I paid much less than that. I can tell he is customer service driven and for that he gets an A+ in my book.
    I came to get two dents in my side doors fixed. Not only did he get those fixed, he also repaired two small knicks on the other side of the car. AND they cleaned the inside and outside of my car. I will definitely return to Erik's in the future!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Worst customer service ever I came to get my car out of theshop they told me that I would  need to come back in 4 to 8 weeks when the shop has had my car for 2 months now and they have not even took my car apart or even asked me if  I need a rental car

  • 5.0 star rating

    My daughter got into an accident and totaled my late grandfather's 1999 MB C280.  Given the sentimental value I wanted to restore the car to the original condition. I couldn't have had a better experience than at Erik's. Amir is very knowledgeable, friendly and has a customer first attitude. Customer service runs throughout the company, from Moe the mechanic to Heidi and Bella at the front desk, and even the porter who gave me a courtesy ride home after dropping off the car.

    Amir gave me gave me a quote and schedule up front and they finished the job early and on budget. I couldn't be happier with the results. I would recommend Erik's to anyone who wants a professional job done right with friendly and fast service.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Very crooked business. Poor customer service. I don't understand why I can't get good work, if I'm paying money I expect the work to be done correctly. This business definitely messes with people who they think they can take advantage of.I would NEVER recommend.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I just picked my car and everything looks very good, the repair looks clean and nice done. I had a bad time with my car rental but seeing my car finished makes me happy. Thanks to Heidy for the good customer service, and to Sam (Manager) who made sure that I was happy with the repair and overall service.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I Was involved in a car accident and this is the body shop that the tow truck company dropped me off at.
    So just like their card says "we met by accident" and I'm so glad we did!
    From the time I got there They bent over backward to help me.
    Especially seeing as how my insurance company was less than helpful. Sam made it his personal mission to make sure I was taken care of.
    If you ever had ANY issue bring your car here FIRST.