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  • Jordan makes training fun, and infuses his wonderful sense of humor into his training sessions.” in 70 reviews

  • “His focus on mobility work, chronic pain alleviation and injury prevention is a welcome departure from trainers I have had before.” in 3 reviews

  • “I have been having on and off knee pain for the last 4 years.” in 4 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is a guru who cured my right shoulder injury that no other chiropractor, physical therapist, and sports medicine doctor have achieved. I suffered this injury for two years, went through numerous physical rehabilitation, and the pain never fully subsided.

    I was referred to Jordan by a friend and heard amazing things. On the first day, Jordan asked me to raise my right and left shoulder. My left shoulder could be fully raised straight and my right shoulder could only go up halfway. Jordan immediately identified the problem, and after a few unorthodox movements, we did a retest of the shoulder mobility. Miraculously, I rose my right shoulder completely, almost matching that of my left shoulder without pain. I was in such shock and was left speechless after the first session on how well I could move my shoulder. I haven't been able to raise it completely for years and in just less than an hour, I could do it.

    After a few months of sessions with Jordan, my shoulder has completely recovered fully. For anyone with any physical trauma, I highly recommend Jordan to oversee any of your injuries.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you are living with chronic pain, have tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, oral steroids, steroid shots, prescription painkillers, have been in and out of all kinds of doctor's offices and the answer was...you need to live with it...please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Jordan. He will literally change your life. Trust me. I have lived with chronic back pain for 8+ years and literally tried and did everything out there. Every morning when I opened my eyes, before I even set foot out of bed, I would evaluate my pain level and this pretty much affected what I could or couldn't do for the day. The morning after my first session with Jordan, I woke up with NO PAIN! I did not know that was possible! Of course there has been ups and downs as Jordan and I work through mobility and cerebellum/nervous system issues, BUT I am already doing goblet squats and the best part is that sitting is no longer "an Olympic event"! Jordan's knowledge, experience, expertise and sometimes very weird "fixes" will boggle your mind at times, but trust me...you don't have to understand it all to know that it works!! He has an answer and a fix for anything...and it works! Living with chronic pain ruled my life...Thank you Jordan, for giving me back my life!! You are my HERO!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is just amazing. The first time I went to him was 2014. I was trying to figure out why my workout is not improving my fitness level and stamina in general. That's when I learned what mobility is the first time. I worked with him for about 3 months and was able to squat and improve my rock climbing skills. Fast forward, I've decided to go back to Jordan after I couldn't heal my shoulder injury for almost a year. Jordon's method is just magical. He teaches you how your body works and how you can improve your movement by doing small exercises like breathing exercise or eye exercise. my shoulder feels perfect after 3 sessions with him. I've been doing less crossfit workout these days but somehow I'm stronger than ever. I personally think Jordon can fix anything and help you achieve your fitness goal in a way you would never imagine.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm so happy that I found Jordan and his wife Emily. My fiancé and I have been working with them for the past two years, and will continue to be clients of theirs until they retire. They've completely changed our lives, not just in training and nutrition, but from a wholistic-healthy-life perspective.

    The amount of improvement in our mobility, strength, nutrition habits, stress management, sleep, etc. is staggering, and our risk for injury and getting sick (even just a cold) has drastically decreased to almost zero.  On top of that, their program is doable, manageable and flexible for any lifestyle. They're truly optimizers is every sense.

    We wouldn't be where we are today without them, and we're confident that working with them has added years to our lives, and will continue to do so.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been training with Jordan for 3+ years and it's been great for me.  His focus on mobility work, chronic pain alleviation and injury prevention is a welcome departure from trainers I have had before.  His approach is highly personalized, thoughtful and deliberate.  Highly recommended.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is AMAZING! I have been working with him for the last 20 months and the results speak for themselves. I'm a runner so improving overall strength and avoiding injuries have been my focus. Jordan has very very deep understanding of how neural system works and any tiny little effects can have negative impact on body. We experiment with different methods to fix problems if any and all are very effective. The science behind those methods seem to be random first but it really works. The mobility work is amazing. The strength training is great. With my long distance running over the years, Jordan has played a very important role to protect me from injuries. Highly recommend!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is very gifted at being able to see what your body needs.  I have often been surprised at the wide range of techniques he has at his disposal to deal with bodies complicated wiring systems.  

    He has helped me become more comfortable and fluid in my daily job.  This is priceless.  Its like being 10 years younger.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This guy. Soft spoken, calm, observant and then BAM. You realize you are interacting with someone who knows a LOT about a LOT. If you want to get strong, alleviate pain, be SMART and sustainable about your training, this guys is amazing. He actually knows science and WHY you are doing what you are doing and you are not going to be put on a template program. He actually cares. Go for it, trust it, watch results happen.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is the real deal.  He has a deep understanding of how all the body's systems work together and is an excellent diagnostician when something isn't working right.  When I had post surgical limits on how much I could lift, he found work arounds so I kept moving and didn't lose all my strength while I was recovering.  Sometimes he has me do eye exercises or some other movement that doesn't seem at all related to a problem, but it always turns out to be a key part of the solution.  His workouts aren't easy, but aren't overwhelming either.  He has a knack for knowing just how hard to push.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise.  He is a skilled diagnostician with a keen eye for functional movement.  His intuition is spooky scary.  I've been seeing Jordan for over 4 years and the results speak for themselves.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is wonderful! I had an ACL reconstruction, and 3 months post-op, and with twice weekly physical therapy, I still had a limp and some pain in my leg while walking. After two sessions with Jordan I was walking normally again and all the pain was gone. He took the time to address the body as a whole, instead of just the injury, and it made a world of difference. He works wonders and I highly recommend!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I suffered a major heart attack in March 2015 and was debilitated beyond belief after my open heart surgery. Jordan's expertise with fixing the problems with functional movements tremendously improved my strength and endurance. Jordan pushes the clients through any self-imposed limits and he does it with client's safety as the primary goal. To describe him in one sentence:"Jordan is a genius"!
    Shan Sankar
    Palo Alto, CA

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is outstanding: patient, knowledgeable, inspiring, observant. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been working with Jordan for 7 or 8 years now.  Over that time, we have resolved some major functional movement issues resulting from injuries sustained as a teenager.  I'm stronger now and moving better than ever.  I just turned 40 and am confident that Jordan will keep me in good shape, but more importantly injury and pain free.  Cannot recommend him enough!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is by far the most patient, knowledgeable and interesting person in the physical training profession I have worked with. For the past two and half years Jordan and I have been re-patterning my nervous system and muscles to correct and revive all bodily functions from eyes to toes! Looking back at what I used to be able to do and what I can do now will keep me training with Jordan for years to come.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been training with Jordan for over 18 months and he has been terrific. I started because I wanted to get stronger overall, including core strength, but I really did not like typical weight training and cross fit was not for me. Jordan has helped me enormously; I feel much stronger, but he has gone well beyond those original goals. He has vastly improved my overall mobility with his approach of addressing the entire body. He is patient, fully answers my questions, and always emphasizes safety, making sure nothing is hurt or strained so the workout helps you; and if you are sore somewhere, he has an exercise or stretch to address it. We also discuss nutrition and he is great for cutting through the noise of what's on the internet on a wide variety of topics. Jordan uses a wide variety of techniques and equipment -- kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, foam rollers, massage balls, stretches, yoga, etc. - and by selecting the right ones for you, he constructs a great workout. He has been flexible with vacations, giving me workouts to stay in shape while away. And, don't think he goes easy on you - the workouts can be hard. He's a terrific trainer and you should just go.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan really is amazing! He is super knowledgeable and fun to work with. He is great about modifying my workouts to my abilities. I spent five years having daily back spasms, doctors told me it was just my reality after my car accident. I don't have back spasms anymore and my range of motion has improved so much, it's incredible. I'm so thankful!
    AND Now that I'm no longer in pain we are working on what's really important... getting sexy and healthy!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Jordan is an exceptional trainer, and I would give him my absolute highest recommendation. I came to him looking for someone to help me get stronger and put on some muscle. I had worked briefly with 2 other personal trainers in the past, but I dropped them both after a month or two because I wasn't seeing results. With Jordan, I could tell from the beginning that the outcome would be different.

    Initially, we focused primarily on the major lifts -- back squat, front squat, deadlift, bench press, military press, etc.  I had done all of these exercises before, and they seemed easy enough, but little did I know what I was missing out on.  With Jordan's expert instruction, I learned so many of the nuances of proper form that I didn't know before, and after a few months I felt like I had mastered these movements.   As someone who has had my fair share of prior injuries and "tweaks" (ruptured ACL, muscle tears/sprains, etc.), this was very important to me since the last thing I wanted to do was blow out my back or tear a bicep while doing a heavy deadlift, or re-sprain my ACL-deficient knee while squatting. Jordan helped me avoid hurting myself while making me even stronger.

    Jordan always kept my workouts interesting by mixing in different assistance exercises and also some kettlebell work. Sometimes when working out on my own, I would text him with a question about the workout he had designed for me, and he would typically respond right away with an answer -- that showed his dedication.  During our sessions, we also spent a fair amount of time doing mobility work -- using a foam roller, yoga balls, etc.  Honestly, at first this sometimes seemed like a waste of time, but as the months went by, I realized that this mobility work was crucial to help me recover faster from my workouts and stay injury-free.  After half a year of working with Jordan, I was able to put on a solid 10 pounds of muscle, and I was very satisfied with my progress.

    Overall, I would recommend Jordan to anyone. His session rate may seem expensive, but he is literally the best in the business, and the knowledge you'll gain and progress you'll make while working with him makes any money you spend 100% worth it. He's also a great guy in general -- with his unique sense of humor, your sessions with him will be something you enjoy and look forward to each time.  I've never bothered to write a review on Yelp for anything before, so hopefully that gives you a sense of the high regard I have for him.  If you're looking for a personal trainer and you're thinking about Jordan, just give him a call and try him out, and after a couple sessions with him, you'll be very happy that you did!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I started working with Jordan in January 2017 to help strengthen my knee.  I had had surgery in August and it was not getting better.  After watching me walk he immediately noticed a variety of issues and developed a program which includes rolling with yoga and lacrosse balls, mobility training, eye training, kettle bell swinging, Turkish get ups, and a variety of other things.  He also provides a list of workouts to do at home, which is constantly being updated depending on my progress. Each session in his studio starts with an assessment and then is tailored based on how I am feeling.  After a few months the knee was much better, and the problem with my hamstrings (I sit too much during the day) was completely gone.  I feel better and stronger and at the end of April was able to play seven soccer games in eight days to win the gold medal at the World Masters Games in New Zealand.  I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't prepared for the trip by working with Jordan.  He's a thorough and attentive trainer, is super knowledgeable about physiology, has an awesome snarky sense of humor, and plays great tunes during the sessions.  If you can get on his schedule, it is a great investment in your overall health for the long term.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I first went to Jordan because I had just suffered through 2 ACL reconstruction surgeries (of the same knee).  I was looking for someone who could offer personal training that was above the typical service one would get from a gym.  

    I've worked with Jordan for almost a year now and he is exceptional.  I am a healthier person now than compared to before.  There are things that I have built into my habit now, things like rolling on the squishy therapy balls and ankle exercises.  There are things that I never would have imagined myself doing, like swinging a kettlebell around with aplomb or believing that I could do pull-ups.  There are so many things that he does that it's hard to understand what makes him so great.  I'll attempt to enumerate some of the things I've noticed.  (1) He is skilled at noting dysfunctions in your body (I didn't even know that I was walking while "dragging" my ankles).  (2) he treats the body holistically where trouble areas in one affects the other. (3) He doesn't sell you on "quick" solutions, so you won't hear things like "if you just do a bajillion crunches every day, you'll have a six-pack".  (4) He understands that people have busy schedules and always strives to give you the most efficient workout in each session.  (5) He deeply cares about techniques; he will spend a huge amount of time and patience making sure that you use the right technique to perform that exercises; quality vs. quantity.    

    His rates are high, and one would not see the value of the relationship until many sessions in.  For those willing to devote that time, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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