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July 28, 2010

Yelp Wants A Pizza The Pie

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Pork Love at Dough.

Pizza is a truly universal food. From the late-night party crowd to families and gourmet food connoisseurs alike, everyone can appreciate the awesome-sauce that is toppings piled high on a perfectly baked crust. Yelpers hand-tossed their ideas around to deliver you this Weekly, loaded with some of the most primo pies in San Antonio!
Within walking distance from San Fernando Cathedral, Nuri G finds “pizza nirvana” at Central Park Pizza. “Tons of fresh toppings... spinach, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, green peppers, and chunks of feta cheese evoke harp music in the distance.” Alisa R steps into a spiritual experience of her own at Miss Ellie’s: "From coast to coast, from the mountains to sea, this is the best pizza I have ever had – hands down.” Likewise, Tamara N tells us she “has fallen in love” with the authentic, brick-oven baked slices at Trilogy Pizza & Wine Bistro. She professes, "My family barely talked because we were too busy stuffing our faces.” Now that’s amore!
You’ll be livin’ la vita bella if you follow Elsa F to the northside for Dough Pizzeria, the Alamo City’s “best gourmet pizzeria, period.” Chef Doug adheres to the strict culinary guidelines of the Italian government to serve the most authentic of Pizza Napoletana. Magnifico! It’s Florio’s in Lincoln Heights that Natalia C trusts when she’s “craving a slice of New York, minus the annoyingly high rent.” Rest assured, this stuff is the real deal – the owners are New Jersey transplants! And when you’re looking to dine family-style, take a hint from Jer R who brought the “ultimate critics” (his bambinos) to Pizzabella. Jer calls the deep-dish “phenomenal. Crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside.” More importantly, his daughter stamped her seal of approval on the kid's plate. Eccellente!
All this continental influence is great, but in Texas, we like to make everything our own. Luis S tells us about Alamo City Pizza Parlor, where the enchilada pizza “rocked his world” with “enchilada sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeños, tomatoes, and cheese.” And if that’s not quite Lone Star enough, brave the crowds at Big Lou’s with Melia R for a 42-inch “brisket pizza, y’all.” Buon appetito!

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Picks of the Week

Reviews we liked this week.
Jai J. on Volare Gourmet Pizza
"Top notch pizza - definitely blows a lot of other joints in town out of the water.  The 09'er is the shiz!  Yes, I said 'the shiz' so what?  Anyhooters, the 09'er consists of pesto, chicken, 'shrooms, artichoke and spinach.  And it really didn't take much to fill me up with their stuff - maybe about…"
Michael S. on Sorrento Pizza & Restaurant
"We usually go here for the food not the service.  Tonight, this all changed.

This family owned Italian restaurant in Alamo Heights has always made solid handmade meals.  Seriously, this family knows it's stuff.

Had the Greek salad and Cannelloni tonight.  Absolutely a delight.  Every ingredient fresh.…"
Jenna A. on Fralo's Art of Pizza
"Fralo's is my favorite place for pizza in San Antonio! The setting is great, the atmosphere is fun, and the food is superb.

We love their baked chevre with olive tapenade as a starter. We've tried many variations of pizza toppings here and they have all been good. The have excellent sliced meatballs…"

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"Here are some of my favorite places for to go food in north central SA."

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