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Bonefish Grill
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A giant pile of food for two
October 15, 2006

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From Derek P.

A giant pile of food for two

From Janice C.

Westport: clams, mussels, shrimp and crab legs.…

From Monica N.

Westport for 2

From Damon A.

The Alaskan Feast

From Roland R.

Oyster shooters and crab toast!

From Cara S.

Our Service Dog Riley eating at the Crab Pot!

From Mark D.

Oyster Po' Boy - The Crab Pot - Seattle (photo by…

From Wendy P.

Crab and salmon

From Elen S.

Bubble helpfully added by my buddy's brother. Yes,…

From Jae S.

Calamari was amazing. Crab pot ice tea had a nice…

From Mackenzie J.

Shrimp/Crab Combo

From Nick G.

Seafeast x2

From Sarah A.

I loved the Strawberry Lemonade here!

From Hanna Y.

Plop (as its being poured in front of you); The…

From Mary J.

Waiting area inside with some benches. 10min for…

From Mary J.

Afternoon Cocktails: $8 Blue Lagoon & $10 Ice Tea…

From Mary J.

My other half & I appreciated their tools, but our…

From Mary J.

$38.95 Crab Crab Crab plus $2 for sausage, shared…

From Mary J.

$38.95 Crab Crab Crab plus $2 for sausage, shared…

From Mary J.

Yep, he's ready ^_^ (5/31/14)

From Mary J.

We put the bowl btw us on the ground, poppin'…

From Mary J.

Sat afternoon final tab for 2ppl dinning on patio,…

From Jay K.

Proper technique in challenging the boundless…

From Jay K.

what the wife and I ordered.

From Jöshua M.

The Westport Feast for 2

From Francisco F.

Sour dough bread, butter and Alaska pale ale

From Cesar Q.

The Alaskan Feast!!

From Dawna B.

Get the meal for two or more

From Mark D.

Fish n Chips (Cod/Large) - The Crab Pot - Seattle

From Mark D.

Exterior - The Crab Pot - Seattle

From Mark D.

Interior - The Crab Pot - Seattle

From Susan H.

King crab time..

From John S.

Stuffed Mushrooms :) yum

From John S.

Cannot recall what this was called.

From John S.

The Westport Seafeast.

From Mel K.

See the "watermelon" drink

From Mia P.

Crab, clams, mussels for two

From Angie M.

This is what $80 dollars of food and $10 dollars…

From Raerae D.

Clam chowder had a hefty volume for a reasonable…

From Alex D.

The "Alaskan feast".

From Paul L.

Strawberry mango margarita!

From Connie M.

The Westport (around $25 per person)

From Davion M.

A liter of happiness

From Andrew C.

wooden board, wooden hammer, and small fork :D

From Vincenzo N.

The Alaskan (4 orders)

From Vincenzo N.

On Alaskan Way

From Andrea E.

The Alaskan Seafeast x3 (for 3 people)

From Andrea E.

Grilled halibut, seasonal vegetables & rice pilaf

From Kim W.

Smoked salmon sandwich and Crab Pot draft!

From Laurie V.

Feeling a little crabby!

From Mascjes A.

Sit outside patio

From Denise L.

Yummy seafood

From Carolina S.

Cioppini yummmmmmm

From Jeriel T.

A whole mess of seafood dumped on the table.

From Mary J.

The bibs were helpful, but the hammers were just…

From Tiffany Valentine W.

Crab Bucket :)

From Nellie C.

Tray-o Mallets & Bread!

From Nellie C.

Double Tsunami! :D

From Mark D.

Collage - The Crab Pot - Seattle (Oyster Po' Boy -…

From Jay G.

Excited to do the "Man Vs Food" challenge with my…

From Matthew M.

Crab pot bib :)

From Matthew M.

3 Alaskan crab pots!

From Adrienne B.

Yummy crab get in my tummy!

From Lily Z.

3 orders of the Alaskan.

From Shar C.

crab cake appetizer

From kwitis n.

alaskan feast

From Pamela G.

The menu

From Maria S.

Crab pot!!

From Bishan C.

Crabs. Yummmmm!

From Yvonne C.


From John S.

Fried calamari!

From John S.

Crab cake!

From Raven Z.

Get ready

From Dave H.

Mussels. Yum

From Peter P.

Strawberry lemonade

From Tan Lo S.

The Westport seafeast $25.95/person

From Jackie F.

Prawn & chips

From Joe R.

Clambake Feast! OMG

From Scott H.

Brig on the clambake !

From Leslie S.

The Westport Crab Pot

From E K.

Size matters, it's smaller than it looks

From Floriza B.

Salmon crab stuff

From Theek S.

Chowda loaf and salmon & chips

From Chelsea M.

Alaskan Bowl. So so good!! The crab was incredible

From Chelsea M.

King crab leg! Oh my!

From Kelly L.

King Crab Legs

From Francis L.

The Tsunami - I drank Two of these tasty drinks, I…

From Andrea E.

Alaskan Seafeast

From Lan L.

Seafood combo

From Andrew C.

The Westport

From Lucy J.

Really good

From Kalifornia H.

Chicken Sandwich!

From Connie M.

Seafeast menu

From Chris S.

Snow crabs!

From Yvonne C.

mmm clams

From Julie M.

The Alaskan

From Denise L.

strawberry rhubarb cake

From Shawn B.

That's all the bread and butter you get when 3…

From Shawn B.

Salmon Linguini prepared with way too many onions…

From Leilani R.

"The Westport".