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  • 5.0 star rating

    US Muay Thai provides hands on training for everyone who walks in.
    I have been training in Alliance MMA and Ceasar Gracie Jiujitsu but US Muay Thai specializes in traditional Muay Training. Knees and elbows are pretty cool to learn...

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have been with Master Ro and US Muay Thai since 2007 from other location at New Hampshire and Sixth in Korea town.  It is the first and oldest original muay thai gym in Korea Town.

    Master Ro(owner/grand master) trained and fought in Thailand and he is one of the founders of Korean Muay Thai Association in Korea before he moved to USA

    US Muay Thai had over 1000 students over the years and students always reaches out to Master Ro in personal level.

    US MUAY THAI emphasizes the following:

    First:  Warm up and conditioning. (((This is the most important yet the hardest discipline!!))
    Second:  Defensive techniques with proper guards.
    Third:  repetitious kicks-knees/punches-elbows in the most efficient and effective forms/style.
    fourth and on,  special technique and drills

    No matter how good you already are in any other martial arts or athletic you are, you will not be able to understand nor enjoy muay thai without really going through the proper preparation which takes at least 6 MONTHS!!!

    60,000 kids and adults get up in the morning and start running in Thailand, to them it's just a routine.  they run two times a day and they work out 2 times a day.
    and they are not even pro fighters! they are just fans/students of muay thai
    they partner up in a small space and do their daily drills daily for years.
    and they are humble about it.

    Master Ro has pro boxing background and high level of Akido and Taekwondo

    He understands and respects how effective and practical Muay Thai is.
    improvements and confidence level in Muay Thai will depend on your own discipline and dedication,
    As far as Gym goes!  it's a complete package!  
    $100 per month in Muay Thai gym is more than FAIR!

  • 5.0 star rating
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    US Muay Thai is a great place for fitness and Muay Thai training.  Group or private lessons for Muay Thai are available with equipment to compliment your various workout needs in addition to learning Muay Thai.

    Master Ro trained in Muay Thai gyms in Thailand and has extensive fighting background having competed professionally for many years.  You will learn the basics of proper conditioning, technique, drills and sparring and progress to higher levels.  While lessons take place in the evenings Monday, Wednesday and Fridays the gym is open from afternoon till night 5 days a week for as much additional workout or training you desire.  Hit the bags, befriend others at the gym, spar and run drills in addition to the class times.

  • 5.0 star rating

    When you start coming diligently to the gym, Master Ro will notice.

    He will call you aside.. and teach you secrets.

    He is one of the rare, real muay thai masters in Los Angeles. He actually trained in thailand.

    Respect him, and trust his regimen.
    It is really really fun and an amazing work out.

  • 1.0 star rating

    My old review is no longer here... Did you guys PAY to have it removed? Also I notice that now you are having your students give you 5 stars.. Why am I not surprised..

    This place is a joke. Please disregard the 5 stars and listen to me. This place will lock you into a 1 yr contract at 100 bucks a month. They care less about actually training students and more about increasing their revenue.

    This place turned into a daycare for little kids after school to come to while their parents were coming home from work.

    The kids are loud.. Show no respect, and worst of all... They are KIDS. How can a grown man better his craft by sparring 14 year high school girls?

    Their "trainers" are people who come from the streets and have no formal certifications. Sure they can maybe kick and punch.. There is no substance to the classes.

    This is NOT a Muay Thai felicity, and should never be referred to as one. It's an overpriced McDojo.

    If you are trapped in your contract you can get out with a medical release just as I did. Just go to a clinic or your doctor and tell them you can't fight for some legitimate reason (elbow pain or constant headaches) and they will sign a doctors note. Send that note DIRECTLY to the gym's credit processing company... It was capital processing last time I was there.., and THEY will terminate the agreement.. Don't even bother taking your doctors note to the gym- they will give you the run around.

    You're welcome!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have been training at US MUAY THAI GYM for about 2 1/2 months, and it is a pleasure and honor to train with Master. He takes his time to teach each student the technique of muay thai. Also, the other coaches are very helpful and respectful.
    Muay Thai!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Checked this place out due to convenient location. Spoke with the owner and sat around to watch the classes. Too many signs that this place is a McDojo.

    Students were spending an hour doing warmup drills.
    No sparring was seen while I was there for over an hour, even though the gym was overcrowded.
    Owner kept changing subject when asked about credentials. Such as if the school has produced any solid fighters. He never went into detail about his own fighting history either.
    Was trying to sell me Muay Thai equipments (shin guards, foot guards, helmet, gloves).
    Most important of all: Contracts. You never want to join any martial art school that has a fee contract.

    Clearly an overpriced kickboxing studio and fitness club, rather than a Muay Thai school.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    The people here are really nice. During the training they will really motivate you to work harder & push your limit.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Just started training a month ago... The gym has a great environment great instructors, has all the equipment you need to train, including free weights and treadmills, best workout i've had in years...

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