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  • 5.0 star rating

    If you want to dance, workout to techno-pop or be coddled, this workout is not for you. Remember all those things you hated about junior high PE? Sweating, running, push-ups, pull-ups, etc., and being expected to complete the series of assigned exercises? You probably also remember the last time you were able to do all those things with ease when you were 12. Well, Body Camp is like that. As an adult, I appreciate the simplicity of conditioning your body by using your own strength and resistance. No gym, no weights, just good old-fashioned physical labor.

    For me, SEAL PT is the best workout. I took classes years ago, but moved and had to drop out. I'm hoping to achieve this time around what I did then, which is to get into the best shape of my life. Graduating to the more difficult Boot Camp and eventually becoming a Lifer would be great, too. The camaraderie and results can't be found in a gym.

    As a side note, Instructor Harris is not boring! At least my body doesn't think so - three days straight of his workouts required multiple Advils just to function.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Run. Push ups. Abs. Obliques. Step+Squat. Maybe some dips. Repeat.

    I've gone to the Seal PT "Body Camp" for 2 weeks now and I haven't been overly impressed. Body Camp is the step below their Boot Camp program and is meant for those who aren't quite in shape and are hoping to get there, eventually "promoting" to Boot Camp.

    My All Day Boot Camp Living Social deal fell through and I received credits here for 16 consecutive sessions. I elected for the 6-7AM M-F option as opposed to the T-Th PM & Sa AM option.

    Note that the sign-in is located on one of the bollards in the parking lot adjacent to the Picnic Loop and softball fields SOUTH of Memorial Drive... NOT the softball fields next to St. Theresa's and main jogging trail which is north of Memorial Dr.

    The good:
    - Seal PT seems to absorb all of the people who bought discounted deals to boot leg boot camps. i.e. All Day Boot Camp.
    - At 6 AM, it's not so hot, even in the summer.
    - The best work out I've had with Seal PT was on a Saturday morning with Instructor Cheng. We ran part of the loop and did a series of pull ups, sit ups, and push ups. I couldn't move my arms for days.
    - Doing a lot of push ups can do the body good.
    - They are permitted by the City to operate in Memorial Park.

    The bad:
    - It looks like there's not really a steady, long-term set of instructors. I heard some regulars say that the instructor I've seen the last 2 weeks isn't a regular. One of the instructors even said that instructors leave for periods of time for whatever reason.
    - It can be confusing for first timers to figure out where exactly the muster point is. It changes everyday.
    - If you get Instructor Harris, expect a redundant work out. See first line of review. I get bored.
    - Sometimes, they are understaffed so there is one instructor leading both Boot Camp (which runs-over into our time) and Body Camp.

    In summary, if you're already in shape, Body Camp isn't for you. I can't speak for Boot Camp. The 24 hour fitness SET class is WAYYYY harder than Body Camp and much more efficient in terms of a full body work out.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I signed up for Navy SEAL P.E. in the Park.

    The class is offered twice a week in the evenings which is great for me. If you are in decent shape and already running then this is for you.

    Some tips:

    * Make sure to bring a large bottle of water, a towel or a mat.
    * They always start right on time
    * You always have someone next to you motivating you
    * Good opportunity to make new friends
    * Workout is always different each time which keeps everyone
    * If it is your first time pace yourself and try to stay in the middle

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love SealPT!  I have been attending their Bodycamp program for about 2 months and have lost 4 inches around  my waist and lost over 30 lbs of fat while building muscle.  I could only jog short distance when I started and the other day I completed my first triathlon.

    I think the instructors and clients are one of the best things about SealPT.  I think the types of people that are attracted to SealPT and actually walk the walk are cut from different cloth.  It's like a club made up of some of the most exceptional people I have ever met.  I have developed leadership skills, and come to appreciate the value of teamwork.

    Be warned that these programs are not for everyone.  If you want someone to hold your hand and tell you how amazing you are, you won't find it at SealPT. However if you want to find out how amazing you can be I highly recommend it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Awesome workout here with the New York class.  Challenging and inspiring at the same time.  Working together is empathized but you will be expected to give 110% to whatever it is that you end up doing; whole class timed runs (If the class is over the cutoff time then you all get to do it over till you get it right), three person buddy-carries and of course my least favorite of them all... the sand pit (It made me cry) to name just a few.  All the while you're receiving instruction and motivation from the instructor who has had a career working with and training some of America's best Special Operations Forces.
     "It's all between the ears" is a training mantra and all of us, regardless of fitness level, found ourselves doing things we didn't think we were capable of.  I have taken three Bootcamp classes over the past two years and I cant wait for the next one to come to NYC.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I was also an ALL-DAY "bootcamp" transfer and I am still a part of this wonderful program! I joined Seal PT back in December 2010 after a failed living social "deal" with the aforementioned "bootcamp" and I haven't quit since.

    I started in Body-Camp, an hour program, and saw some great improvements in my fitness level after attending consistently. Body-Camp is a great starter program but it can also be a stand-alone program on its own. I met some great people during my time in Body-Camp! We stuck together and moved up to the next level: Boot-Camp.

    This was a tough challenge, but not an impossible one. Boot-Camp was a 2 week, 1.5hr program where your limits are pushed. Your mind has to be ready to expect the unexpected. If your attitude is that of a quitter or a whiner, this program is not for you. If you are looking to challenge yourself, and push yourself to a greater level of fitness then I HIGHLY suggest you try it. A few pieces of advice: Wear gloves, bring a towel and an extra change of clothes. On our last few days of Boot-Camp we worked out with the Lifers.They are a great group of people who motivated us to stick through it and never quit. Having completed Boot-Camp, I was invited to join the Lifers program.

    The Lifers program is by invite only. One must have completed Boot-Camp and be invited to join this elite group of individuals that have a passion for fitness. Surviving Boot-Camp and being invited to join the Lifers was a great accomplishment in its own. Not only did my group survive the two week challenge but we bonded even more as we all kept each other motivated. The Lifers program is a great long term commitment and we were excited to join right away! Once having joined the Lifers, one would think that their fitness level would plateau, but that is not the case with this program. I have seen great improvements since my start date with Body-Camp and I continue to see improvements as the months go by. Our workout routines are never the same, and I like that about our program. It keeps me interested and engaged. If this program became predictable, I would be bored and eventually drop out. I am thankful that will never be the case. Our Instructors are great! They challenge and push us consistently. Being a part of this great program has introduced me to a lot of people from all walks of life. Our group is a close group of individuals and I am proud to be a part of it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Instructor Walston is the real deal, workouts are fast paces and fun.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A military workout for the "average" Joe this is anything BUT average. Great workout, whole body nothing easy about it and you will be challenged b/c the workouts are never the same. I have used it as my sole source of training for when I have done tri's in the past. Highly recommend it !

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Established in 1997.

SEAL P.T. is the ORIGINAL Bootcamp in Houston & New York City. Founded in 1997 by Navy SEAL Veteran Jack Walston. We offer the most intense Bootcamp in the nation having been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & numerous nationwide fitness magazines. Each of our military veteran Instructors have been with us for a minimum of 6 years, many of them approaching 9-10 years of leading the highest quality workouts. We offer a beginners program, Bodycamp which takes you where you are at and gets you moving in the right direction. Step up to Bootcamp and then graduate into our elite Lifers program where goals are met everyday. As well as our civilian based program we offer a program for Houston area WestPoint Candidates and Soldier Mentorship training program for men and women entering the military. Over the past several years we have seen many individuals achieve their goals of joining not only the military but the U.S. Special Forces.

Meet the Business Owner

Jack W.
Jack W.
Business Owner

John "JACK" Walston, U.S. Navy SEAL veteran successfully graduated from the most demanding and rigorous mental and physical training in the military, he graduated from U.S. Navy SEAL Training in Coronado, California, after which, he  was stationed with the East Coast SEAL Teams in Va. Beach, Va.  The elite training and experience that Jack has undergone that has led to the development of the Original SEAL P.T. Course. SEAL Physical Training Inc. was formed in the Summer of 1997 in Houston, Texas. The principles of discipline, motivation and team camaraderie are woven into a rigorous physical training course that promises to give as much as an individual is willing to take.
Take one of Jack Walston's challenges and you wil achieve More Results, Faster and with Less Money than you ever would at a Gym or with a "Personal Trainer". Don't settle for anything less than the Best of the Best. The Original Navy SEAL Physical Training Course.