The Chennai Club

  • “In both cases, the dosas were HUGE -- each dosa lasted me 3 meals - so the value is definitely there, at least for me!” in 76 reviews

  • “Dosa Republic is a refreshing take on Indian cooking: more typical of South India than the classic mughal style dishes.” in 60 reviews

  • Coconut and tomato chutneys are not quite as yummy as Spice Hut's, the former a bit thin in consistency, but are fine.” in 19 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Yes.       Would eat here again. Excellent food.

    See photo. Great chatt. Spicy. Not for wankers.

  • 1.0 star rating

    A very ok-ish restaurant.
    1. Bad attitude- i asked how big is the dahi vada and he gave an answer as if it was a very obvious thing. Dahi vada differs from restaurant and everyone knows that.
    2. Ok-ok food- the mysore masala dosa was good to b honest but the chilli paneer, veg thali and dahi vada were bad!

    Rude service, bad food-- as a person from chennai i request you to please remove "chennai" from your name as it hurts my sentiments!

    Wont come again.

  • 1.0 star rating

    avoid at all costs. cashier is extremely rude and combative - i asked him about some food and he threw a piece of paper and pencil on the counter and said "just write it down". uhhh, no. (place was empty). he got the order wrong and instead of a refund, i tried to make it easier by saying, i'll just take the extra to go. he rudely told me to "get a box, they are over there".  

    worst of all? some lady spilled her sauce on the floor, he wiped it up with paper napkins bare handed off the dirty floor  and didn't wash his hands after. just went straight back to handling the food orders and money.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I highly recommend that you avoid this Gross and extremely unhygienic place. The health department shut this place down for rodents and unclean tables - see the notice in the pictures.

    This place started off as a CurryUpNow partnership, I am not sure if they are still involved but they should be ashamed if they are. I saw the guy making the food (Im not going to call him a chef), puts his had in a bucket of water, throws it on the griddle and wipe his hands on his pants!

    I will be contacting the county health department again to ask them to shut this place for good.

  • 4.0 star rating

    -The vegetarian tali was good. Wish there was little bit more rice that goes along with the sambar, rasam etc.
    -The tali came with dosa and chutneys which was awesome.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Awesome Good quality food. Less hygienic place  though. Owner and waiters are nice.
    Parking can be a pain during peak hours.

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    Lunch spot for some dosas: traditional or inventive.   3.5 stars

    Food: 4, Service: 3, Atmosphere: 3
    Open table-able: no, Kids menu: yes
    Cost to worth it rating: 3 (filled dosa ~$10)
    Return worthiness: yes

    - Tangra noodle dosa: Spaghetti inside of a dosa. Yummy crispy slightly sweet outside and tangy bit spicy inside with cubes of paneer. Definitely not gluten free ;-) 4 stars.
    - UK chicken: not too saucy but the potatoes and bit of sauce made the dosa more soggy outside. 3 stars.
    - HUGE dosa: saw an almost Guiness record looking huge one get delivered to a table besides us
    - Gluten free and vegetarian friendly: dosas are when you don't get one filled with gluteny or meaty items and others are marked on the map
    - Indo Chinese menu: looked like some really cool tasty spicy stuff like chili chicken, prawns, or paneer

    - For the filled dosas they are huge: cut into 3 pieces. The third roll on top however doesn't have as much filling.

    - Dahi Vada: cold and flavorless lentil balls soaking in yogurt didn't do it for me
    - Parking: on El Camino so have to get there early

    Enjoyed the food and would come back to try other dosas

  • 2.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    This place is sketchy. The service was a little unfriendly and they refused to honor the yelp check in offer despite the fact that they had a sign advertising to check in on yelp for a discount (see picture). Therefore this was a really bad first impression.

    The food however was Ok which is why I'm giving it 2 stars instead of 1. I tried to order a "roll" but he said they were out of those. The earlier review of the vermin infestation is a little concerning as well.

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    My hubby loves DOSA and he talked about it a lot! So he was happily agreed to check out this place when I told him they seem to have a lot of Dosa selections! It was my first time eating Dosa and so were our friends (we went as a group of 10).

    It's a self serve place, you go up to the counter to place your order and pay. The lady (cashier/hostess) was very helpful and friendly. She didn't mind explaining to us what was on the menu for several times!

    Most of us ordered the UK Dosa with chicken tikka masala as she said they weren't spicy.... A couple ordered the lamb and egg Dosa, I got the Chetinad Dosa with chicken and  a couple others got the rice plate with cumin lamb.

    The food was reasonably priced... all the Dosa orders came with 3 pieces of Dosa (Dosa plates are in the $9 range). What is Dosa???? Well, it's basically an Indian crepe (the skin tasted like crepe but a tiny bit sour) filled with potatoes and your choice of protein/mixture and served with some Indian sauces. At This place, all dosa orders came with a lentil soup and a coconut based sauce and a tamrind based sauce. All loved the Dosas but they were a bit spicy (it wasn't for me because I love spicy food). A few of us also ordered the chicken and corn soup that was similar to the Chinese style soup. For $4 the portion was pretty hefty! For smaller stomach... certainly would be enough to make you full! We also ordered mango lassi $3, again, good price, and very refreshing to cool off from the spices.

    It's certainly a great place to eat casual meals... the restaurant smell like Indian food when you walk in... but actually surprisingly, we didn't smell when we walked out... or at least we felt that way ahahahha!!

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 7 check-ins

    Truly enjoyed the food at Chennai Club!  We've driven by many times, but always thought it was a "club"!  After speaking to the owner, Feroza, she explained that "club" was combining the many dishes of South India with Chinese, hence making them into a "club"!  She was also very helpful in deciphering the menu and suggesting items to try.  I've read some yelpers disliking the service, but you have to admit, this is not a traditional sit down restaurant where you are being served by a wait staff.  Instead, you order at the counter and with your number placed on the table, you await until your meal is freshly cooked and brought to your table.  You serve your own drinks, gather your own cutlery, and enjoy the food.  The best part is you don't have to clean up after yourself :)!

    We decided to try something different and ordered the Tikka Masala Chicken Dosa, Schezuan Garam Masala Potato, and Chilli Chicken Gravy.  All were so good!  The flavors were bursting!  Not too hot, sweet, nor bland.  It was a party in our mouths!  We also had the ginger lemonade...light and refreshing and complimented our meals perfectly!  We will definitely come back again and try other dishes.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I used to frequent this place when it was called Dosa Republic. It's been a few years since I've been back (last visit in 2013), but I recall Dosa Republic being of good value, decent service, and tasty South Indian cuisine.

    Today my hubby, offspring, and I were in the area and decided to order take out from the Chennai Club through EatStreet/Yelp. We ordered the Special Chennai Club Uthappam with chicken, the UK dosa with chicken, and the Vada Fried Lentil Dumplings. The Uthappam did not have chicken in it and I did not discover this until we got home. For $9.50, the Uthappam was a pretty small portion and skimpy on the toppings--at best considered an overpriced snack. The vada fried dumplings were $4.50 for two small overly greasy lentil donuts.  As for the UK dosa, when we asked for chicken on it, we weren't expecting to get just a few "strands" of chicken in the mostly potato filling. The sambar accompanying the dosa lacked heat and spice.  All-in-all, it was not a $25.70 well spent.

    This was a disappointing take out meal, especially given our previous favorable impression with Dosa Republic.

    I was under the impression that Dosa Republic and Curry Up Now were sister restaurants and run by the same group of people. Is that no longer the case with Chennai Club? In any case, I'm just going to stick to Curry Up Now for Indian take out. We've been going to Curry Up Now for years and their quality has remained consistent.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Baby food?

    strange meal. Ordered the vegetarian and meat thali (dish with many types of items). Both were strangely lacking substance. Had high hopes but I think the location is a challenge for the business and they are cutting corners. No parking, an adult store next to the restaurant, crazy el Camino traffic. I liked the decor and it felt like a great dive (good reasonably priced food) to frequent and had hopes. However,

    -the meat tali was 2 small curries that were pretty tasty - so there is some real potential (chicken and lamb), 6 small containers with watery sauces or soup that I found unsatisfactory.

    - the vegetarian was 1 chick pea blob, 1 potato (yes 1 piece), 6 sauces.....I would have given this review 1 star if I had the vegetarian myself. My wife thought it's like baby food (no solids) that probably is the most accurate description for the meal.

    The sauces were really watery, there was nothing in the soup except a few shriveled vegetables. Dosa was crunchy but I think of that more as a breakfast food/snack (like in India) and roti for a full that why all the sauces (cos a dosa is usually served with a few sauces and nothing else), but then it should be sold as a dosa not a thali. All the 'thali' web sites show real food not a bunch of sauces - so I'm not alone in my expectations.

    Now to be credible as a reviewer, one has to have some experience. Been to India for work ~20 times, travelled extensively and eaten Indian food lots and lots it times, so I have a base line:

    Since when is a thali mostly water? Also this is America, land of big meals and your money's worth for food, so how can you serve a meal for $11.00 that has a few shreds of meat and vegetables. Also being an Indian restaurant is no excuse for starving portions either since I've always had big helpings in India for a fair price.

    Was it the end of the day and the bottom of the pots had slim pickings? Also we were really thirsty at the end, so either there was a huge dose of MSG or the pre-mixed sauces had tons as an ingredient (management should review this, as that's a real "yuck" in California even if you support that MSG is the '5th taste').....gotta be 1 star guys, but an extra for the decor.

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    My sister always has random cravings and this time it was for Indian food. We got 3 items to share among 4 people and it was quite a filling meal.

    We got the lamb dosa and the tikii masala dosa which is the protein wrapped inside a thin crepe (dosa). The dosa was nice and crispy and the protein were both cooked and flavored really well.

    We also go the non-veg thali platter and to be honest, I have no idea what's what, but you kind of just try them all and all them them are pretty tasty and had a lot of flavor.

    Overall, I enjoyed our meal and I would come back to try more things.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Delicious saag paneer: hot, fresh, substantial, well spiced.
    Hits the spot when you're in the mood for spinach. Also have a chicken saag option.
    Just lost a star because of zero atmosphere.
    But service very polite and helpful.

  • 1.0 star rating

    If the Hakka noodles taste sweet , what else u expect from place , to make the taste better , I asked for vinegar , and to my surprise I got the answer , they ran out of vinegar , really !!! Indo Chinese place ran out of basic ingredient .
    Coming to second dish , tangra dosa . Chicken tasted as if fried 10 times since morning , so hard oily and tasteless .
    Third dish idli n vada combo ... One star is only for idli n vada , but Sambhar was so sweet that I felt I was sitting in Gujarati restaurant instead of chennai
    Overall , BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Never coming back !!!

  • 2.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Food here is pretty tasty! Although I'm not surprised because I heard that this spot was previously run by the same guys at Curry Up Now.

    So why the poor review? Because the service here needs some serious work. The guy who took our order saw that we needed some help and just watched us as we tried to figure out the menu. After working it out on our own and asking him a few questions, he begrudgingly answered us with answers that were of little help. Honestly if you don't want to help your customers decipher the menu or suggest dishes to newbies, then this is probably the wrong business for you.

    I think I'll stick to Curry Up Now where the food is just as good, but there service and atmosphere are 10x times better.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Decided to try this based on some of the reviews - touting it is authentic south indian food. Never make the mistake of going here with the idea that you will get a decent Chennai / south indian food.

    Menu seems to be all over the place (a way to make sure revenue comes in ) by listing chennai to Shanghai..

    I ordered Chennai Onion Masala, buttermilk, and Dhahi vada. The onion is the dosa was so raw and big that the chef never even considered the taste (or how it would turn out). These guys think they can toss anything and name anything and it will sell.. **sigh**

    Buttermilk - ok.. But did the chef or the owner ever tried to drink the buttermilk with the straw they provide without getting clogged every single time???!!!

    And lastly, the dhahi vada.. do even ask me to guess when it was made..... It was so cold (refrigerated for a considerable time - based on its taste (or lack there of) and the texture) and bland. It was so bad that i had two bites and left the whole thing there.

    Guys.. there are so many names for a restaurant. Please do not misuse a place's name if you have no clue how the food made there tastes..

  • 4.0 star rating

    Yummy masala dosa, the husband loved his non-vegetarian thali and the chai was some of the best I have ever had.  I think this is the closest place from Half Moon Bay to get a dosa.  We will be back!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Closed by the Health Dept due to vermin. Gross! See the picture attached. :/

  • 4.0 star rating

    I really like this place for fast, healthy food to feed my family. It's consistently delicious and priced well. The cashier could be friendlier/warmer, but for what we're paying, it's totally fine.