Taboo Adult Video

  • 237 SE M L King Blvd
    Portland, OR 97214
    Central Eastside, Industrial District, Southeast Portland, Buckman
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  • Phone number (503) 239-1678
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  • 5.0 star rating
    11/2/2015 Updated review

    Stopped by just to see what all the buzz was about that I heard about this place.. Well I walked through the door and no hello or hi or even seen a customer service rep anywhere? Walked to the counter and long behold he came out of hiding.. From where I have no clue.. Anyways still no greeting or even a smile which I thought ok? He looked at me as he backed away from the counter and I said what is wrong why are you looking at me like I done something wrong or looking at me like I am a robber or something which I am Not and happen to be a very friendly nice guy.. Anyways he answered with a shitty attitude saying you look like someone who is banned from here.. Ok? You would think if they so called banned people they would like have a mug shot or something? Hmmm anyways he continued to be very rude as he asked for my I.D. I replied why?  as ok I do understand carding people to see if the are above age, but shit come on I am not exactly a spring chicken.. Anyways I gave him my I.D. and asked for some change for a 5.00 bill which I politely handed this jerk off and he proceeded to throw my single dollar bills on the counter.. Really? I asked this jerk off to please pick up the ones and hand them to me as I handed him my five dollar bill.. He rudely said No and Leave... WOW!!!!!!!! Leave as I recall I have been profiled as someone else, homeless, drug addict, and a robber, plus Not a human being period!!!!!! I was just blown away as I did Once again Nothing wrong... So I said I am going to call your manager and when I am done I will make sure this idiot gets fired.. Lol I talked to a so called assistant manger the next day which is it something in the water here in Portland or is everyone who works at this low life disgusting place just unhappy with their job and probably their life as well.. She said well it sounds like he was doing his job.. Hold Up wait a minute! Doing his job I said? Meaning treating people like humanoid shit? Down grading your paying customers? That's doing your job? Well shit!! I guess I am in the wrong business or living on a different planet.. Anyways I just want everyone to know enter at your Own Risk when coming here, because who knows what crap or shit they will try with you.. I Will Never step another foot in this place or any other Taboo videos anywhere .. This day and age you should treat your customers with Respect because as I am seeing a lot of these places are closing up and being torn down for a Real thriving business.. Oh well I am sure if they continue treating people like this....They will not be open to much longer, as I hope this review helps others to make a wise decision before entering this place.. Oh didn't even look like they had any business anyways from what I could tell.. Lol their loss Not mine....
    **UpDate** 11/2/2015
    The owner contacted me to get my side of the story after consulting his employees.. Ok this Really meant a lot to me as a business owner myself I understand that it is very important to get All sides of what really happened and how we all could move forward.... He was a really nice and seemed very caring as I told my side of the story.. Look we need more owners or managers like this gentleman who really truly cares about their business as well as his customers..
    I do not live in Portland, but after our conversation Yes I will Definitely return whenever I am back down that way.. Look no one is perfect, but together with the right attitude we can actually achieve a lot and make our society better as customers and as well as for workers as well..
    Again Thank you for contacting me and for caring.. That really meant a lot to me .. Truly anyone who reads this please support the many local small business in the Portland area as well as the area you live in.. Plus also remember to please treat the workers and even other customers with respect even if they do not treat you with respect..
    Just always remember to go the right way and handle these issues with dignity and respect meaning no arguing or talking down to anyone. Call a manager or even the owner and solve the matter right.. So please when in the Portland area stop by Taboo video and Support this business because they are one of the few who Really do care about customer service and their customers Period!!!!
    Thanks again Taboo video hope to stop by real soon

    1.0 star rating
    10/11/2015 Previous review
    Stopped by just to see what all the buzz was about that I heard about this place.. Well I walked… Read more
  • 2.0 star rating

    I have no idea how these folks stay in business.  Me and gf found nothing of interest in stock.  She likes looking at stripper outfits but there were not the full racks like  at a few other places.  Dated looking merch and all the same generic stuff as any other place...  Just not a upbeat vibe for us....

  • 4.0 star rating

    Good selection, good prices,  and a busy booth area in back.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I had a gift card for this place, figured I might as well use it.

    Selection of films and toys are nice, staff are friendly, off the beaten path and it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps that's why this place is called "Taboo"?

    Anything you can think of that is sex related is in this store. ;)

  • 3.0 star rating

    Maybe there's a reason why it's nestled away in a part of inner SE that not a lot of people travel to. I've personally always found it somewhat odd to see so many adult entertainment stores within view of mini-vans packed full of ten year old children...

    Alas. Thus, the name... Taboo...

    There's always a small piece of me that feels like I'm sinning when I walk into a porn shop. Er, sorry, I meant to say "adult store". But let's not sugarcoat things here, eh? It's a sex shop. Blasphemous, gluttonous, sinful. Many of life's glorious beauties held within four walls. On the other hand, why should people be ashamed of sex?

    Ironically, we were on our way to an all-ages concert in the neighborhood when we found out we had two hours to kill. Along our path came a slightly dingy sign that read "Taboo Adult Store". With some coaxing, I managed to talk my friend into entering with me.

    As we did so, I felt a bit dirty, maybe a wee guilty, and definitely embraced my inner ten-year-old child ("look! wowee! boobie-shaped cookie tins! awesoooooome!).

    But the staff, despite being strictly male, very quickly set me at ease. One even came over and said, "For the sake of the cameras, I need to appear as though I'm helping customers. So I'm going to put this in your hand," (wherein he grabs the nearest pink-and-black spiked anal beads and crams them into my hands), "and pretend like I'm helping you. Cool? Need any help? Alright. Holler if you do. I know every product in this store." And I believed him.

    And the product selection is pretty impressive. Taboo is huge on movies. Whether you're looking to rent or own, I've no doubt you could find almost any fetish or subject matter imagineable.

    They also have a pretty impressive selection of toys; for men, women, and those who are undecided; for queer, straight, and... those who're undecided. The gag gifts are superbly amusing, and they have a mediocre selection of (somewhat overpriced) playwear. The variety of dildoes is immense, from nearly microscopic (keep a string on that little bugger...) to ginormous (you're supposed to do WHAT with that?), they've got you covered.

    So hey, if you're ever by MLK or Grand and you want to get your kink on (or just peruse and fantasize about what sort of kink you could get on), then come on by.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This is an ok adult store, staff is friendly and of course the arcade is always ok ...

  • 1.0 star rating

    So, I had $45 in gift cards. I came in and used part of one last month and no one told me they were planning on changing the system and I wouldn't be able to use my cards anymore. I came in last night and was told my cards were invalid and there was nothing they could do. They said it had been well advertised. Huh. Do not go there! Shady business.

  • 5.0 star rating

    i love the selection of midget porn and wide variety of realistic feeling dildos and edible undies...if u get a chance rent the movie mma fighters in love

  • 1.0 star rating

    chick that looks like she should be working at hot topic is a total p r i c k... and not in a good way.

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All of what you are looking for in Adult related items is located within our fantastic location on MLK Blvd. We truly have what you need and desire the most at the most competitive prices in the area.  

Our customer's loyalty is paramount to us, therefore delivering the best customer service is what we strive for with every sale in every store.We are open 24 hours a day, everyday. Stop by and visit us when you have a chance, you won't be disappointed!

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Established in 2003.

This location was established in 2003

Meet the Business Owner

Taboo Adult V.
Taboo Adult V.
Business Owner

For over 20 years, Taboo has been the Northwest's #1 chain of adult stores! All of what you are looking for in Adult related items is located within our stores. We truly have what you need and desire the most at the most competitive prices in the area.