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The Orlando Hypnosis Center specializes in utilizing cutting edge hypnosis techniques to help solve your problems, help you reach your goals, and enhance your life! Our clients regularly achieve success with everything ranging from weight loss, quitting smoking, test anxiety, and even improving their golf game. Most clients that have not used guided hypnosis in the past, often find that they quickly uncover the true reason driving their behavior, and that change is effortless after gaining new understanding with the help of hypnosis. Master Hypnotist Daniel Olson is then able to provide suggestions, techniques, and offer new habits to make their new desired outcome stick... all very quickly and easily.

If you're looking for certified hypnosis in Orlando, you'll be pleasantly surprised how comfortable you are working with our master hypnotist Daniel. Every so often, clients who are hesitant or have had a bad experience with in the past, quickly and easily discover that this isn't the case at Orlando Hypnosis Center. Easy to work with, very understanding, compassionate, and "I'm very comfortable with him" is frequent feedback from our clients month in and month out.

Other specialties include several types of hypnosis seminars, schooling, and training certifications. Every quarter we hold an NLP or hypnosis training seminar, private hypnosis practitioner classes, and self hypnosis beginner and master classes. For our current class schedule, visit our website or give us a call.


Established in 1984.

Come celebrate our 32nd year of hypnosis with us in our Baldwin Park office here in beautiful Orlando, FL! Best rated hypnotist, Daniel Olson, has been the top nominee among all the hypnotists in Central Florida in prior year reviews and practitioner awards. With over 30 years of experience, you're sure to get the results you desire at the Orlando Hypnosis Center. Call us today!