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  • 1.0 star rating

    Nancy Aharon is not honest, told me my insurance would cover everything, and now I'm faced with an $800 bill that the insurance won't cover.

    When you're in the waiting room, you can hear the receptionists insulting you while you wait.

    They have absolutely zero respect for your time; they make you come all the way to their office just to tell you something they could have said over the phone in 1 minute.

    Go anywhere else but here

  • 1.0 star rating

    Worst experience for a dentist.! Me and my boyfriend got Groupon tickets to get our teeth cleaned and X-rays done. Took around 2 hours to even be seen. My boyfriend ended up having to reschedule because we didn't want to waste sitting there for another 2 hours for him to be seen. The X-rays they did was only bite wings not your whole mouth. Then while sitting and waiting and waiting she comes in with her granddaughter and says I'm soooo sorry my daughter is in from Texas and this is the second time I have ever met her. Then walks back out and says I will be right with you. As I hear her consistently playing with the baby. As I am still sitting there waiting and waiting finally she came in and started to if you wanna call it clean my teeth. She the dentist was informed if you wanna say the faucet was leaking/broken so they moved me to another room while I still had tooth paste in my mouth and spit. Then moved to the next room and was seen kinda quick but she didn't even clean my teeth, did a couple scraps on my teeth where I had the most plac and said ok your good to go. Said a few things and didn't even rinse my mouth out with water. I don't mind going to the dentist at all but I will not be going back to this one again. Yes I only paid about $30 for the groupon but I atleast thought I was going to get more done and treated a lot better. The place could of been ran a lot better and more professional. Thanks Groupon but No Thanks!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Stay Away!
    I signed up for the Groupon with this dentist. There was no "cleaning" per se, I simply waited in a chair for two hours while I listened to the dentist arguing with another patient. They did, however, do the x-rays and instructed me on how to "brush and floss" (thanks, but if no one had ever told me that by the age of 29, I would have had far worse issues). Against my better judgement, I allowed the dentist to fill a few cavities at a future appointment. Worst decision ever! I diligently signed up for dental insurance in the meantime, knowing fillings would be too expensive for me without coverage. The health plan said each filling would cost between 20-50$. I left Dr. Aharon's office with a bill for over 600$! I protested, as she had never consulted me on the price, and she offered them for 300$. She casually stated "oh, the fillings would have been free with your coverage, but I don't do that kind of filling." She told me this AFTER she had done the fillings, though! What was I to do? I'm in negotiations with my dental provider, but please, do not let this (or worse) happen to you.

  • 1.0 star rating
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    I found a Groupon for cleaning, exam and X-rays so I decided to give them a try. First impression, the office is very shabby with dirty furniture in the waiting room. I was kept waiting for my appointment over an hour! Once I was in the exam room, it was another 30minutes before anyone came in. This gave me plenty of time to notice the cracked and missing flooring as well as dust and dirt throughout the corners and vents. Not at all an ideal place to be sitting with your mouth open. Two hours into my total wait, I finally saw the dentist. She was pleasant enough it nothing extraordinary. Overall, between the unkept office and the incredibly long wait, I would not recommend.

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  • 1.0 star rating

    CRAZY TOWN dentist!!! Groupon cleaning/exam was worthless. The polisher was used first for less than 60 seconds (yes, I counted) and the ultrasonic water tool was used next for maybe 2 min if I am being generous. I got 2 bite wings xrays only. There was no scraping off tartar, there was no measurement of gum recession, there was no examining each tooth, there was no flossing, there was no examination of my 2 bridges, she didn't want to see my bite guard. Instead the dentist was heard before the appointment instructing receptionists to give patients a hard time on the phone if they wanted to cancel or reschedule and there was talk of banning a patient through their insurance somehow. I was asked to fill out forms about sleep apnea. I have had 2 sleep tests and do not have apnea so I said I didnt want to fill out the screening form. Plus, I am there for my teeth, not her "side business". My entire appointment consisted of the dentist going on and on in an obsessive way about sleep apnea and her own self-diagnosis and lack of trust of professional sleep neurologists. The goal of this talk was to get me to use her diagnostic equipment and send her my past medical reports. It came off crazy-town and I lost all respect for any professional opinion she may have had (had she presented one) about actual dentistry. You're supposed to be cleaning my teeth, which I can tell was not done properly just by running my tongue over them - they are still rough. Complete waste of money. Even if the standard rate was as cheap as the Groupon, I would NEVER go back.

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Welcome to Nancy Aharon DDS. We are a full service dental practice providing service to individuals and families since 1994. Please visit our website for complete details on our practice and insurances that our company accepts. We look forward to answering any of your questions and meeting all of your dental needs.


Established in 1991.

Dr Nancy Aharon graduated from Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine in 1991 and served as a captain in the US army before moving into private practice.
Ours is a full coverage practice, from routine cleanings to the dreaded filling, as well as cosmetic work on a case by case basis.
Dr. Aharon is committed to patient care and places emphasis on preventative measures that you can take outside of the dental chair in order to help keep the drill away.

Meet the Business Owner

Nancy A.
Nancy A.
Business Owner

Dr. Nancy Aharon graduated from Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine in 1991. She served as a captain in the US Army, and has since owned many successful dental practices.

Dr. A is committed to patient care and places emphasis on preventative measures that will help keep the drill away!