• Chris's concept of bootcamp creates an uplifting atmosphere in which everyone pushes each other to do their best.” in 12 reviews

  • “Each session last 1 hour and consist of either an upper body, lower body, or full body workout.” in 3 reviews

  • “you get one-on-one attention for sure) +RESULTS (Mean Green Training Boot Camp delivers: my endurance is better, I've got better muscle tone, oh, and that annoying little bit of flab in my tum tum?” in 3 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Great workouts with a lot of variety for all individuals. I have not only seen results, but have gained a workout family. Check it for yourself they run great specials.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Let me start by saying I've never been a fan of the great outdoors, sweating, working out or Texas heat. But I've been training with Chris at Hermann park since January and I love it. Everyone with MGT is super supportive. The team vibe helps motivate me to stay on track. And even though I complain and I'm so sore after, I still have fun at every session.

    I guess it wouldn't be a true review if I didn't put the RESULTS I've seen right? I've lost about 30 pounds, down 2 Jean sizes and 2 dress sizes. I could barely walk up stairs without getting winded before but now I've done 2 5Ks this year so far and looking forward to doing more.

    Chris and his team has really helped me change my lifestyle for the better. He monitors food, effort you put in a boot camp and so much more. I'm really glad I stumbled upon MGT. Couldn't have done it without them!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I can truly say that Mean Green Training Boot Camp has changed my life in numerous ways. I have lost weight along with inches and have had to buy smaller clothes as a result!! Now that's RESULTS! The Heights location with Ashley is my favorite place to be after work for happy hour! The workouts are intense and leave you feeling whipped in the best way possible. Workouts are always mixed up which makes it fun and helps you not plateau. MGT was perfect for me since its hard for me to motivate myself to get to a gym, but working out with people who are seeking the same results as you are keeps me accountable and coming back each week! I highly recommend this amazing organization!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I read all these reviews and decided to enroll to Sugar Land location boot camp.... But .... My experience was absolute opposite to everything described below. Let me start with that I was enrolled for 3x week 6-week program and classes were canceled without any notice after 4 weeks. I actually showed up for a class and after 15mins of waiting send a text to instructor who replied to me after another 10min that Sugar Land classes are canceled and that I need to seek explanation from GMT office. Not they will provide me with explanation but I HAVE TO ... Anyways ...   Within those 4 weeks we have never had 3 sessions a week. Every other class would have been canceled for one or another reasons and cancellation notices would have been sent 30min to 1hr prior to start.  
    Finally, I personally, frankly speaking, have never felt like they do care about your goals and what you are trying to achieve. It felt like they have to be with you for 1 hour and then you are on your own.
    I cannot say anything about other locations but Sugar Land location were disastrous. There are dozen other boot camps in the area available for almost the same price.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm not going to lie... I was VERY skeptical about this bootcamp when a friend of mine bought the groupon a couple of years ago and then joined as a full access member for several sessions in a row.  BUT when I watched the weight fall off of her, and stay on me, I knew I had to give it a try.  I had already been hitting the gym several times a week but wasn't getting the results I wanted or needed so I figured it was a good time for a change and bought the groupon for a 6-week session.
    Dezi was my trainer at first and she kicked my butt!  Three times a week, I was getting a pretty intense muscular and cardiovascular workout.  I wasn't losing major pounds right away but my shape was changing and I was getting stronger, most notably my core.  By the second session I started losing more weight and in the third session, I lost quite a bit.  The biggest weight loss came after talking to other group members and my new trainer, Ashley, about my diet.  Ashley challenged me to go raw for a few days and, although I was again skeptical, I saw my RESULTS by the end of that week and so did everyone else!  
    Mean Green Boot Camp is pretty amazing for several reasons.  Of course, there are the results that you see on the scale but it's so much more than that.  All of the trainers that I have met at various boot camps and events are extremely nice and encouraging.  It's not about making everyone in to a barbie or muscle head, it's about being a better you, inside and out.  Our group at Woodland Park in the Heights is like a family.  We push and encourage eachother and workouts are fun!  So if you're considering trying them out, don't wait as long as I did!

  • 5.0 star rating
    8/20/2013 Updated review

    They say numbers don't lie.  And if that's true, Mean Green Boot Camp has been worth every penny.  My 2012 annual physical occurred right before I joined boot camp, and I wasn't in the greatest of shape.  Most worrying, my cholesterol was pretty high, when it had never been a problem before.  What a difference a year makes.  I'm down 15 pounds from my 2012 physical weight and most mind-blowingly of all, down almost 40 (!!!) points on my cholesterol.  I'm now smack in the middle of the healthy range and although the scale hasn't moved as much as I've liked, I know I'm making health-conscious and positive changes in my life.

    Thank you Chris, Dezi, Milton and everyone else who has gone with me on this journey over the past year for providing me with motivation and support.  Let's see what the next year brings!

    5.0 star rating
    8/18/2012 Previous review
    What do you think of when you hear the words "boot camp"?  Probably a big, mean dude in… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    going to this boot camp was dreaded, but that's pretty standard with any boot camp. I hadn't worked out in 3 months solid, was in terrible shape and knew I just needed to get rattled back into healthiness.

    Well, as cheesy as this may sound, just going to this boot camp for two weeks has helped me in ways beyond healthiness. They are just so darn positive at mean green! Its infectious! I can only vouch for the woodland park location, where I am trained by Dez. I mean she is just phenomenal.  And I am not pulling your chain, she stresses positive reinforcement throughout, and it's not just lip service. I can tell she equally believes in positivity in her everyday life and work as a trainer. She goes above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable, and gives everyone individual attention / motivation.

    I truly have found myself chanting the mantras during the "I can do this. Today is going to be great. I will have a great day no matter what." Granted I feel  a tinsy bit silly, but it really helps.

    Some important details to note:
    * since it is an outdoor bootcamp my allergies have been bugging me a bit.
    * I bought this bootcamp through groupon, but otherwise it may have been out of my price range. Considering this, I am contemplating renewing my next six weeks with a half off coupon from the camp. That's how much I like it, and I am openly frugal.
    * Because of my groupon, I am not 'full access.' Full access members get initiated, and turn in food charts and weigh in. I want to do all these things so badly to get back on track.

    All in all, dez is a phenomenal trainer, and this boot camp is very personable in nature. They aim to get to know you and your goals and help you achieve them. AND if motivation is what you are really lacking, which was my issue, this place is great for you.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I am no fan of gyms and I love the outdoors so when I heard of Mean Green via Groupon last summer I had to try it out. They have multiple convenient locations and times which worked perfect for my full time student/full time work schedule. My trainer was the owner, Chris Green, who is awesome! I have to admit to being apprehensive to the term bootcamp, I pictured a drill Sargeant yelling with spittle hitting my face. But this boot camp is only mean to your muscles with plenty of circuit training and light weight lifting. Chris is encouraging through positive reinforcement. And the group is more like a team. They'll cheer you on when you  get tired which struck very well with me. Trust me when I say this is a bootcamp you'll never want to end with the results you get!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I never thought I'd be the type of person to enjoy boot camp so much, but this training camp is a real winner. I was getting bored of my usual gym routine (so much that I wasn't really going much anymore *cough* ahem) and fellow Yelper Danielle S. brought it to my attention that MGT was running a great Groupon deal around New Years. In all honesty, I figured it was such a good deal that if I only went a few times before I was scared away it wouldn't be a big waste of money.  Well, I just finished my 6 weeks session and I've already signed up for the next one. It is that good.

    On my first day, Chris Green greeted me with a big smile, high-five, and asked me to promise not to hate him for what I was about to be put through. Gulp. I will admit it was tough the first day (and the whole first week, really) but everyone was showering me with motivation and encouraging me to not give up. And I listened. I enjoy this program because of the positive, motivating environment that Chris Green and his trainers create but also because we are always doing something different. There is no routine, but there is always some form of cardio, strength training (focus on upper body one day and lower body on others), and core exercises.  I still go to the gym on some off days from boot camp and find myself pushing myself harder than I ever have before. I have a long way to go until I reach my fitness goals, but I'm definitely a lot stronger and have gained much endurance from when I first started with MGT.


  • 4.0 star rating

    My wife and I are in his course, and it's intense even for people who regularly workout.

    Chris is a great motivator and does his best to make sure everyone gets something out of each training session.

    Arrive early so you can get a parking spot as these classes occur in a public park.

  • 5.0 star rating
    14 check-ins ROTD 5/15/2011
    Listed in Keep 'em comin

    You know sometimes you make decisions not knowing exactly what the hell you are getting yourself into. When I heard the word "boot camp" at work one day I made sure to walk the opposite direction and stay as far away from that person as possible for a while. Because in my head I pictured some guy in a drill Sargent's hat yelling in my face, rolling around in the mud, bullets flying over my head, and a lot of lost lunches (far fetched I know but the word boot camp sounds really SCARY!) So I began to notice all of these people I was avoiding at work looking really really good: tone, buffed, slimmer, in overall better shape. So after my girlfriend went a couple times to test out the waters for me. (don't hate!) I decided to go give a couple sessions a try, I had weight goals in mind that I never thought would be possible and had nothing too lose. (except maybe my lunch)

    The first day of boot camp was a little rough, as it is for many. I made it through with having to take any extra breaks but only barely. But the one thing that I remember the most from my first day was the support that got from not only Chris Green the trainer but the constant encouragement from rest of the group. Typically the workout groups is about 8-12 people and every session feels like you are working out with a family. There is no hostility or negative competition, just people who have all sorts of goals and a group of people who want you to achieve your goals.

    From the first workout, Chris Green is right there in your corner with his constant unwavering support. From the beginning I felt as if I had entered a whole new world of exercise, a world of real results. Each session last 1 hour and consist of either an upper body, lower body, or full body workout. Also, each work out consist of a healthy amount of cardio and abdominal exercises. Each session last 6 weeks with a possible 3 sessions per week, depending on how many days you sign up for. After each session you feel as if you have just accomplished something great. You have taken a step towards that goal that you never thought possible despite feeling completely exhausted but that good exhausted, the type that leaves you wanting more. As the six week session progresses, you begin to gain stamina and confidence. You begin to look forward to working out and begin to learn more about yourself mentally and physically. Once I discovered the vice that truly gets in the way of my weight loss goals, I began to see weight and inches drop of of my body. In one session,  I lost 12lbs and 10 inches off of my body and have lost a total of 40 lbs since I started boot camp and I have not been at this weight since the beginning of high school. Mean Green Training Boot Camp has changed my life and I know that I can continue to achieve my goals with my hard work and the support of those at boot camp.

    Boot camp has been a life changing experience and I am now one of those people who gets the compliments about how great I look. I still have goals for myself and believe that I can achieve everyone through mean green training. I have truly learned new life skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain the goals that I have accomplished. So I encourage you to come on out and work towards a new healthy lifestyle.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Before you repeat the words "mean" "bootcamp" in dismay, let me break it down and chop it up for you. Chris Green is  the antithesis of mean. He is the most encouraging and positive individual and trainer I could have ever asked for. Yes, he does yell, but it's words like "Who wants their results today? Don't give up! Who wants to get into that sexy bikini?" Are those not motivating words? He really wants everyone to reach their individual goals, whether they are related to fitness, career, or personal accomplishments. In order for him to do that, he collaborates with everyone so that he can customize a plan for you.

    I started training with Chris a little over 2 years ago when I was working out at a 24hour Fitness gym. When he decided to establish his independence, I believed in his philosophy so much that I chose not to continue my gym membership anymore.  I followed him and did personal one on one training and bootcamp with him.

    Chris's concept of bootcamp creates an uplifting atmosphere in which everyone pushes each other to do their best. There are days when we all just don't want to work out, but we show up it's the best thing that we could do for ourselves.

    Benefits-group comraderie, personal training, lots of times available for different schedules, personal attention, seminars, apparel, healthy lifestyle, feel better, contagious postive energy, lookin' sexy no matter what age or body type you are, confidence, and RESULTS!!

    Cons- getting over your own excuses for why you are not obtaining your goals and becoming the person who you envision yourself to be.

    It's not a quick fix. It's a lifestyle change!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I think that I started my session in the best month for this program. I bought a 30 day membership through a social site and didn't really have any expectations. I had read the Yelp reviews about the program, but didn't want to go into the program expecting a whole lot.

    I'm almost always in a good mood so it helps to know that if I'm going to be around you, you are a person who is passionate about what you do. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Chris Green (Owner/ Trainer) loves what he does and that's why the people who attend his boot camp achieve results. I have been an athlete my entire life, but of course after high school and college the level of my performance as an athlete slipped. I went into the program wanting to get my body fat back down to single digits and wanted to get back on the road to being an awesome athlete. I run marathons and 5k's, but wasn't in high school shape. Although once an athlete always an athlete!

    The first day Chris walked up with a huge smile on his face. He said good morning and walked around giving everyone high fives. This was at 6:00 AM. I'm a morning person so I was with it... The work out was crazy. I enjoyed it, but didn't expect that kind of workout coming from the smiling man. One day we did 750 ab workouts because he says crazy things like, pick a number, any number, and people yell out these ridiculous numbers, but it felt great. I think that is what I love most about the program. He spends so much time on abs; I understand the importance of core work because I do yoga and understand that once your core is strong everything else is too.

    Chris always says, oh yea, this is going to feel awesome. Tell the person next to you that they are awesome; we're getting RESULTS (his favorite word). He jokes about girls being able to wear daisy dukes  and sleeveless jackets in the winter  and men wearing speedos because he pushes us to do our best.

    My first week there I attended the Battle of The Boot Camps, where all of the different locations met up and competed against each other for bragging rights, but not really, because everyone had a great time. Then I attended the Boot Camp Explosion where Chris allowed people who wanted to try boot camp to try it for $5. That was a huge success and I think the money was donated to charity. I have an hectic schedule not only at work, but personally, but I will sign up to train with Mean Green  Training Boot Camp again  although I can probably go somewhere else for less. I'm going to miss working out with him for the time that I will be away, but I will definitely be back.

    I feel stronger and better and although I don't ever weigh myself, I can say that my endurance has gotten better and can't wait until the last day to see how much body fat I've lost.  MGT is awesome because we get #RESULTS! Chris you're awesome! So awesome!

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Listed in Workin it out

    I know you. You hear the words "boot camp" and your heart is automatically instilled with a sense of fear where you wanna run and hide, stick the old routine. Because of this fear you'll just stick to the 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical do a couple of abs or squats in call it a day. That definitely was me. I had heard about this boot camp through a co-worker and several others from work followed in tow, but I was afraid to try it.

    I thought, "Man, I'm not cut out for a boot camp. That's for friggin hard core badasses that can flip over tractor tires and run a mile in 1 minute or something."

    I don't know what pushed me to try it, but I finally went after work one day. I will not lie: I was lying down, back on a bench after 15 minutes (shoulda eaten something before! but also I've never done a workout like this before). But I jumped right back in and finished out what I could.

    And that's the thing, the entire time I was there that first day, I felt so welcomed and everyone was really encouraging and positive. No judgment, no negativity. I know that sounds cliche, but I kept coming back and saw that this was one big family, all different walks of life, different goals, but the strength of the mindset and team the same---Believe. Achieve. Receive.

    Great mantra, in which you really realize the power of those words once you join a Mean Green boot camp. I joined because I was pretty bored with what I was doing at the gym, wanted something a little more intensive, and definitely wanted more muscle tone, better endurance, and to overall make working out incorporated in my way of life. I DEFINITELY love this boot camp and the trainer, Chris Green.  He is truly passionate about what he does, your biggest motivator in wanting to see you do well in whatever goals and standards you set for yourself.

    biggest PROS for me (besides Chris himself):
    (prices vary according to how many sessions and how often you workout with him and the group per week, but trust me, super affordable.)
    (I've met the most amazing people through this boot camp, the most inspiring, the funniest, the most motivational...I love them)
    (ask him, and he'll message or text you with work outs during the week to get 'em in; additionally there are seminars every few months to address what I like to call working out your mind. It's a good time to stop and put everything in perspective; also meal planning, health tips...pretty much anything. you get one-on-one attention for sure)
    (Mean Green Training Boot Camp delivers: my endurance is better, I've got better muscle tone, oh, and that annoying little bit of flab in my tum tum? yeahh got that thing under control ;) as for weight loss or to lose inches, you definitely see in other members over time. check out the website.)

    other details:
    +several locations around Houston -
     West (Ray Miller Park)---Mon&Wed-7pm, Fri-6pm
     East [Humble] (William Schott Park)---Tues&Thurs-5:30pm
     Central (Hermann Park)---Tues&Thurs-6pm; Sat-9am
    +each session=6 weeks. you buy packages according to how many times you want to come each week
    +workouts consist of mixes of cardio, abs, upper body excercises and/or lower body excercises (depending on the day-ex. Monday=upper body, Wednesday=lower body, Friday=full body at the West location)
    +all outdoors
    +boot camp does not equal yell in your face. Chris will not do that :)

    Joining this boot camp is one of the best decisions I've made in my life and I can't let it go. It gives you the push and keeps you honest about sticking to goals you set for yourself no matter what they are. Chris is aaaamazing and the group you workout with is too.


  • 5.0 star rating

    I first heard about MGT through a coworker.  She knew that I liked to work out and kept inviting me to a free day.  I never went.  However, I did start working out with her when she did the homework that Chris gave her and I noticed a change in the RESULTS I was getting.  The next opportunity I had to experience the camp I took it and I've been there ever since.  

    I'm the type of person who gets bored with workouts very easily.  I'm constantly jumping from one routine to the next.  Each time I attend boot camp it's a new challenge and it keeps me coming back for more.  

    Chris is a supporter, caring and honest person who is truly sincere about what he does.  He has helped me in more ways than working out, by increasing the motivation and confidence I have throughout all areas of my life.  The fact that he loves what he does shows through his work and actions, and for me, that's the type of person I like to do business with!  

    Don't be intimidated by the name, he always greets you with a smile and a helping hand.  Come get your RESULTS!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Lesson learned: if, half the week, you have to work until 12am or 3am, then signing up for a boot camp that requires getting up at an hour that you go to bed at is not a good idea. Rapid adjustments of your body clock only works before you've hit puberty. I got a groupon for eight sessions and was only able to wake up in time for one session (well, not even that, I was late). However, had I been capable of waking up in time for these workouts, I would've shown up to all the sessions.

    Prices aren't listed on the site, but, from the stated discount on my groupon, it's probably $200-300 for 12 sessions. There are three locations, two outside the loop (Humble and Ray Miller Park) and one at Hermann Park (the only early morning location--Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am, Saturdays at 9am). My first--okay, okay, my only--day I went, I was rather confused, as the email had stated that the boot camp met by Miller Outdoor Theatre. Now, I knew that it was somewhere in the middle of things, but still wasn't certain where to park and drove around and around trying to figure this out (it being an ungodly hour, I couldn't see all that well either). I finally got out of my car, trotted to the stage, saw no one, then walked up the hill, saw no one, then started debating the merits of replacing fitness with a high-fat breakfast (because breakfast is good for you). Fortunately, I saw the group as I came down the hill away from the theatre. They were by a small concrete area. Park in the lot next to the Rose Garden lot that's closer to the Hermann Park entrance.

    Given that I only made it out once and didn't get to see a good range of workouts, I had considered giving MGT four stars. However, a few things bump it up to five stars. The program's more interactive than most boot camps. I got an email from Chris Green, the trainer, before the session started, requesting I send him three goals and a before picture. Before picture? Eek. I like to live in a state of ignorance, as it is bliss (ice cream and chocolate, too). Also included in the email were a list of food and exercise tips, suggestions for snacks and meals, and a calendar to function as a food diary. At the end of each session, Chris will weigh you. Again, this is a frightful proposition, as I don't like weighing myself unless all I've eaten are vegetables the day before. Another fun thing is the fitness day (or whatever it was called). This may happen every couple of months or each session (eh, how would I know?), but it's a day when the boot camps compete each other in a sort of field day. There are sponsors and you can invite friends. MGT also gets points because it's pretty laidback. Chris had a portable radio playing some music when I showed up. He was also really nice, totally cool with my being late (and, I wasn't the latest person), and made sure to ask me if I had any questions or concerns after the workout.

    The actual workout was also more personal and peppy, with Chris telling us to encourage each other and our partners. That was fun, because I (finally!) got to the practical application of listening to hip hop and tell my partner to work on getting some basketballs in her trunk like Nicki Minaj, and, girl, work as hard on your right side, because we don't want no lopsided booty. Chris also made it a little competitive, as with one exercise, where we had to run to cones, then do a bunch of squats. The person to finish the squats first had to yell something (green? mean? I'm awesome?), and then we all moved on to the next cone.

    The workout started with stretching and ended with abs. Other exercises included leg lifts using the benches (i.e. stepping onto the bench and raising one leg), running up the hills at various stopping points, running backwards up the hills, and variations on push ups. I didn't see that much variation beyond the standards in that one session, but, again, I only went to one session. Yet, it definitely wasn't easy. Demographic-wise, it was pretty much all girls, with the exception of a guy or two, and there weren't very many who were super in shape, so MGT shouldn't be intimidating for those new to boot camps.

    In a perfect world, MGT would start later in the day, but then it'd be really hot. Okay, in a perfect world, MGT would start later in the day, and the sun wouldn't come out until noon. Time to start looking into those alternate universes! Or I could just move to Alaska. Or Iceland. Or Scandinavia.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Mean Green Training Boot Camp is awsome.  I was scared of doing any boot camp and Chris made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to always give my all for my RESULTS.  The group is always supportive you as never in it alone.  I am so glad I tried it.  Not only has it helped me with my fitness goal it has helped me with every life and has helped build up my self esteem.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Mean Green Training has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I never thought BOOT CAMP would be that one life changing event in my life. It has changed how I look at food, how I see my body, how I work out and how it has changed my attitude. MGT staff/family is SO positive ALL the time. You see the smile on their face and you hear it in their voice. They are oozing with POSITIVE ENERGY. Yes I said OOZING.  I used to attend a local gym where I thought I was being diligent with going and working out. I really thought that was enough. I was so wrong.  Mean Green Training has given me so much more than just a 'workout'. It provided tips and guidance toward being healthy and a method for staying healthy.  I only see MGT changing more lives. If you want to feel a part of the family and not a number this is the place for you, your family and your friends.  I look forward to MY continued success and I strive to be healthy encompassing mind, body, and soul.

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