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  • 5.0 star rating

    I found Binh on Yelp and so glad I did! I'm not going to lie but at first I was sketch about it because I saw he did business at his house versus a store. It was nerve wrecking like meeting someone from Craigslist. haha! After trying to get my son's laptop fixed at Geek Squad and having them fail me, I was desperate!

    According to Yelp, Binh's the best at what he does and I needed help from the best. One of my son's laptop drivers was not working correctly and also his headphone jack. I sent Binh an email asking if he can take a look at it. He got to me the next day and said to bring it by and his turnaround time is a couple hours to 24 hours which was great! Best Buys turnaround is 3-5 days. He was flexible with my limited time schedule. I came after work and he took a look at it and fixed all my problems within an hour! Miracle worker! He takes the time to listen to all your computer issues and really takes effort into fixing it. He's definitely going to be my go to person from now on! Thanks Binh!

    TIP: Don't email him. Call or text for a fast response.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Wow, awesome service and such a great guy!
    So I had my laptop repaired yesterday and it was a custom build from ibuypower, so not your typical Dell, or HP, Mac etc. One of my fans went out and even though Binh had a crazy packed schedule (going from Morgan Hill to Milpitas and then from Milpitas to LA), he still responded to me within minutes of contacting him and he found time to repair my machine and get it back to me IN THE SAME DAY). He did an awesome job and explained every step of the way what he was doing and why. His attention to detail is also impressive. Years ago I spilled maple syrup on my keyboard and when he saw that upon opening it, he immediately set to cleaning it, even though he really didn't have time and it wasn't even the core issue. I think it just bugged him to leave it that way! That's the kind of technician you need, someone who cares about the quality regardless of anything else.

    Anyway, my laptop fan is now fixed and I now have an awesome contact if I ever have laptop issues again. One last thing I noticed is that he also takes in old parts and machines, and I have a few that I have no idea what to do with and putting them in the garbage seemed strange. Now I know I can leave these unneeded computers & computer parts in Binh's capable hands, which is a relief. Amazing technician, I will be back if I need anything more!

    Thanks Binh!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh is amazing.
    He did an amazing job upgrading my iMac hardware to an SSD drive. Binh is very friendly and even calls you to give you a status update. He does work from his own house, but he is honest and a very reliable person.
    He will be on my top list when I need my computer fixed. I highly recommend Binh.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great services and very knowledgeable on Mac, Binh would provide honestly suggestions to you to help you fix your computer issues cost wisely.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have a MacBook Pro that decided to go loco a few months ago. It stopped being able to connect to it's hard drive. I am not sure why but I waited months before reaching out to Binh to help me get it fixed. He operates out of his home in milpitas and there isn't a real waiting room to speak of. Don't let that scare you off! He is great! He diagnosed the issue in about 15 minutes as my hard drive. He thought that the hard drive cable could be part of the issue. He recommended that I go on Amazon and order my parts (very cost effective) and then bring the Mac back so he could install the parts and the Mac OS. His total charge after diagnosis and repair? $60?!? Can you believe it?!? I will be using Binh for all future laptop repairs and I will be telling my friends! Ps- my parts from Amazon were $12 and $149 so well worth it!!

    Comment from Binh V. of It's Binh Repaired
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    7/15/2016 I'm glad you appreciated the work :) Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to expand my work… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    This guy is a lifesaver!! I am starting my Master's program and my hard drive decided to not work. Took it to Binh thinking I was going to get the worst news (having to buy a new Mac) but right away he knew that would not be the case! Within 24 hours of initially taking my laptop to him, I picked it up with a new hard drive installed and it working flawlessly! He even texted me after I left with some helpful tips. I 100% recommend this awesome guy!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh is a LIFESAVER! Back in July, I made the dumb mistake of using a sanitizer wipe to clean off my MacBook keyboard (I've been actually doing this for a long time, but nothing ever happened until now...) and my N and P keys on my keyboard stopped working. I texted Binh and told him the situation, and off the bat he already started giving me advice on what I can try to do and fix it myself, without any consultation. Unfortunately, nothing worked so I figured I would have to bring it in to get him fixed.

    It took me a while to save up, but I ordered a new MacBook replacement keyboard online ($20) and dropped it off to to It's Binh Repaired (clever name also!). While he was fixing it, he was texting me updates with pictures. He told me my MacBook survived an overheating mishap because some parts melted, and my laptop had collected a lot of dust as well, but did the such kind deed of doing some quick fixes to both problems. That's definitely going above and beyond with service. And within 2ish hours, my laptop was fixed!

    Thanks Binh for fixing my laptop AND saving me from breaking the wallet because Apple would have charged way more. My MacBook was purchased in 2011 and it cost me $120 to fix, along with having to purchase the new keyboard. I also no longer have to carry around an embarrassing plug-in USB keyboard to do my homework now... my professor seriously laughed at me! Excellent customer service -- I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs their laptop or computer fixed without a doubt.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh was kind. He was able to work on my GF's old gaming desktop on Memorial weekend. We much appreciate his service!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom with a home business so my poor Mac has tolerated many hours of work till one of the keys popped off. Binh was kind of close to my house so brought my baby in to be fixed. His office is in the front area of his house but there's signs outside so I found it right away. It's a quiet street too so easy parking. There's no real comfortable waiting area, just one lone chair near his work desk but it's no big deal to me. He took a look at it right away, figured out what to do and fixed it in about 10 mins. Yay!

    Btw, he responds really fast via text or Yelp message.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I binh over to this shop today.  My computer's fan's binh acting up, so I've binh meaning to get it fixed.  Okay, I hear cries of "No mas!" and I respect that.  

    Binh's got a sweet setup in his front room.  Got a giant work bench up against the front window where he can take your computer apart and reassemble it, while he is doing two or three other tasks like talking to his cell company's CSR, arguing with his brother about cell phone plans, texting customers and working the string that's attached to his front door that everybody forgets to close, despite the in-your-face signage.  

    Another sign indicates that no customer will step beyond an arrow hanging on a string from the ceiling.  This limits the usable area for clients to about 6 square feet and one chair.  And please take off your shoes.  There might be as many as six jittery customers at any given time jostling for a good spot in this "reception area".  

    But Binh keeps us loose with an ongoing, somewhat disconnected but lively patter, and one satisfied customer after another is ushered in and out.  

    Anyway, the fan, which was really noisy and random, is now totally quiet.  It's eeire, and a little worrisome. Has it frozen up?  Are the gears or whatever jammed?  Apparently quiet is normal, and I'll get used to it.

    Another highlight of the afternoon was when Binh leaped on his electric self-balancing unicycle to chase down the mailwoman who had just left and hadn't taken his brother's letter. Just left, as in she had come and gone 30 minutes earlier.  Those unicycles are cool, but not fast enough to catch this particular mail truck.

    So, I would say, if you've got a computer problem head over to Binh's place. Don't forget to close the door.

    Comment from Binh V. of It's Binh Repaired
    Business Owner
    6/10/2016 Hahaha thanks for the great and hilarious review.  The other bench is actually also for customers to… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    Just retired and moved my office to my home.  I needed someone good with networking to get all my machines working together.  I Put a feeler out after hours and got a quick response from Binh.  I couldn't believe he was ready to come out late in the evening.  He arrived at about 9p.m. and got everything done just right.  Smart guy, could analyze problems as we went along.  Suggested I remove several modems/routers and even made my wife happy.  Great personality, got the job done.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you have a computer issue and need an affordable, fast, and friendly repair....Binh is your guy.

    I clumsily spilled an entire glass of wine on the keyboard of my ultrabook. Afterwards, it would not even start up. I let it dry for 2 days and brought it to Binh without much expectations.

    Up front, he put out a fair charge of $40 to disassemble, clean, and test the ultrabook, and $150 if he was able to fix it. 2 hours later, I received a call from him that he got the ultrabook running and everything seemed to be working properly. I gave him the $150 and an extra $10 for his efforts. That night, after 10 minutes of usage, the ultrabook randomly shut down and would not restart. I called Binh and he asked me to bring the ultrabook back. He checked to see if the fans were working and spent another couple hours trying to find a fix. Unfortunately, he came to the conclusion that something on the motherboard must have been short circuited. He searched for replacement parts on the internet and we determined that the price for those parts were not worth it to fix the ultrabook.

    Because he was unable to find a permanent fix for my ultrabook (without purchasing a new motherboard), he wanted to refund some of the $160 I gave to him. I thought $80 was fair. I was still able to recover some important files from the ultrabook.

    I am giving him 5 stars for his honest service.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Service was great. Price was great.  I had a very technical issue with my SSD and he was able to solve it quickly!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh was great! I spilled water on my MBA and he was able to order a new battery and fix it within a day. He kept me updated and his charges were very reasonable. Thank you Binh!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I woke up this morning in a slight panic after my Dell T310 server didn't have a pulse. Although Binh doesn't work on servers that much, he walked me over a few trouble shooting issues over the phone and then.....a pulse! Now I am back up and running and this guy didn't even have to touch the machine. Other reviews say this guy is special, I say he's a magician too. Thanks, I have Binh Repaired!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I brought 2 computers and had them working before I left that night. One was frozen in a Windows 8 download process for over a week. The other stopped connecting to the internet.

    He also reviews your software protection and recommends the best way to protect your computer.

    If you're dropping off, just ring the bell and be ready to take your shoes off. If you're sticking around he's pretty funny and he'll be juggling several jobs without forgetting yours as he checks on troubleshooting steps he implemented to see if they're working on yours.

    He's will usually be multi-tasking as coming up with novel solutions and patient.

    A month after he fixed some software issues that prevented me from accessing one laptop and hardware issues from accessing the internet on the other, they both still work fine.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Literally the best service I have gotten in awhile. Binh responds really fast and genuinely cares about his customers needs. He provides great customer service and will charge you at a low cost.
    My experience here was excellent. I explained (or at least tried to explain) my problem to Binh. Then brought my computer in, he took a look, told me the issue, and fixed my problem. Most importantly, he really takes his time to explain to me what went wrong and what I can do to prevent the issue from occurring again. My issue was minor, I only needed to replace my battery but Binh found the cheapest website that had my part and only charged me $15 service fee to install it.

    SIDE NOTE:  Binh is very flexible but please be courtesy of Binh's schedule when making an appointment with him.

    Would highly recommend!! Drop your computer off and you won't regret it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh is amazing. he helped me removed a 1.5mm stripped screw that was the bane of my existence. I had tried another highly reviewed place before going to BInh, and they didnt even have the right tools on hand despite informing me over the phone that they could probably remove the screw.

    Binh, however, was able to remove the screw with a stroke of genius. Did not have to drill or dremel.

    I only wish that he had said "The screw's Binh removed'' or something to that effect...

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh is so incredible! He deserves 6 stars. It's hard to put into words how great he is. He is real and honest and knows his stuff. He could charge more but he doesn't.  I guess because he works out of a home. He has helped me twice. this time to fix a laptop keyboard I spilled water on. I brought it to him and he took it apart in 2 minutes, blew the dust out and determined it was fried and ordered a part. He got the part and installed it all for $40. Are you kidding me! I like Binh and you will too! I don't know what else to tell you except do yourself a favor and let Binh repair it. You'll be glad you did! As I am and will continue to be. Customer for life.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Binh is a great guy.  He help me troubleshoot a vexing intermittant problem (due to a lame power supply) in my gaming system. I ran down to Fry's and got a beefier unit and he helped me install it and I was good as new.  You rock Binh!