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    Small family owned restaurants bringing old memories from my mother kitchen
    This is a Mediterranean place located on Sherman way and corbin ave a walking distance from my home

    This place is clean! And smells good the food is amazing and the service is great

    Every time I come here I get hosted with smiling faces of the restaurant employees and the owner Sam

    I strongly recommend to try this place out
    You won't be disappointed

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    Aklo tayeb ktir.
    Very good, authentic as it gets food.
    Gotta check it out. Clean, organized just as expected. A place that you can find all lebanese dishes. I have been trying to find one since a few closed down on ventura. Definitely more than worth it. Keep it up and happy one year anniversary.
    Glad i found you since the wife craves this food practically every day!

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    Grade: A+

    Without a doubt the best Lebanese joint in the Valley, if not in all of LA County. There's nothing in the Valley or on the Westside that even comes close to this joint. The best Lebanese-style chicken kebab in Southern California, hands down. Excellent kafta, great hummus, and my favorite salad in all of LA. I haven't found the homemade cinnamon-and-walnut-style baklava anywhere else in the city. It too is worthy of five stars. The dirt-cheap prices are the honey in the harissa.

    Forget Marouch, Sunnin and all the other mediocre Middle Eastern slop joints that win the praises of those short-sighted narrow-minded hypocritics. Gio's is the real deal and one of the few true Lebanese gems in LA.

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    My favorite restaurant ! Always fresh and tasty!!!!!

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    12/12/2013 Updated review

    I visit this place often since it is so close to my house. This past week we went and we were so disappointed.

    We can tell the pita was old and just reheated. The beef was waaaay overcooked and the hummus did not taste like it usually does.

    We see this happen all the time. Frequent a place until they decide to cut corners. Reheating food is a no-go for me. I can do that at home! My boyfriend does not want to go here again. I might give it one more try but honestly, I just might be too disappointed.

    I REALLY hope they get it together. I can see them going out of business and losing customers by serving overcooked food and hard reheated pita bread.

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    5/3/2013 Previous review
    Really good. My new go to spot. Everything is fresh and the owner is so nice.

    I had the chicken…
    Read more
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    I really am baffled by the 4.5 stars this place has. Maybe it was what I ordered, I don't know but I had a horrible lunch today. I ordered the beef shawarma sandwich and the fattoush salad.
    - The beef in the sandwich was NOT shawarma. It was chewy unflavorful slices of beef. Shawarma is cooked on a rotating spit that is kept heated and the meat is shaved off. I did not see any of that going on there. The sandwich was also mostly pita bread. There was a few slices of the chewy meat, some tomatoes, onions and a sauce with lots of parsley but zero flavor.
    -The fattoush salad had the pieces of STALE oily fried pita. It ruined the salad which was overpowered with sumac and under salted.
    I threw most of it out, what a waste of $13.
    I am giving the place 1 star for the place looking clean - I did have to wait about 15 mins since there was one girl working the register, preparing the food, serving and cleaning.
    I had high hopes since this place is walking distance from my house but I will not be back.

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    Delicious food! Beautiful atmosphere! Very good chicken skewer.. Yummy veggies and amazing hummus and garlic sauce! You Ned to come eat here!!

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    Great service! Yummy food. Had the beef shawarma and hummus. Big peons for an amazing price!

  • 5.0 star rating

    First impression walking in the door was neat clean organized fresh well decorated and had a great vibe. Lots of photos of the food the make hand made from scratch. And a very full menu of great selections

    For all you vegetarians this place has a dozen if not more vege dishes.

    I was greeted as I walked In the door a rare treat anymore these days  I knew what I was in the mood for so I started speaking to Sam the owner at the counter he introduced himself. And asked me what I would like. And started explaining how everything was prepared and made and what it was paired with. It all looked and sounded so good I ordered double figuring I could have lunch tomorrow also

    I was amazed amazed amazed at the proportions very large size. Everything was so fresh and tender and had amazing taste.  The chicken kabob melted in your mouth. The beef kabob was so soft and tender and full of so many flavors yet you could taste each one individually.  The humus was fantastic and tasty. The pita bread warm and fluffy even after a 10-15 min drive home everything was still warm and delicious. The vegetables were so good and fresh and juicy. I don't know how they do it  so cheap. Prices are super reasonable compared to the blvd places  its a no brainier.

    The best grilled tomato I have ever had
    And the rice is a huge portion of deliciousness.  You an tell all the sauces and dips are all home made and fresh.

    I am beside myself how I haven't found this place before now. A for sure hit in the valley.  Not in a very "medeterranian " populated area but omg so worth the drie of you are not just around the corner

    Very nice clean dining room cozy atmosphere everything is nice and new. Nice big screen tv. Free drink refills
    You'll never want to leave. Open until 10pm. Sam you have my business for sure thank you

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    Ordered the chicken kabob plate and it was perfectly cooked - juicy and full of flavor. My plate came with hummus, salad, pickled radish, pita bread and garlic sauce. As I mentioned in my tip, they were a little too heavy handed on the dressing for my taste so I'll just make a note to ask for the dressing on the side next time. Their veggie combo and veggie kabobs looked great and I will definitely be back to give them a try.

    The service was great, the guy behind the counter (who seemed to be the owner) answered all of my questions about the menu since it was my first time there.

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    who is this guy? Really your food is so so. i cam in and saw the food my self. all your reviews maybe except 1 is real. Your kabob was ok. The hummus was kinda old.
    Rice was ok, service and attitude was the worst. After i finished and paid. you did not say bye. Just bad vibe all the way. pissed me off so much.

    Never coming back. This place sucks.

    Sam B.
    Comment from Sam B. of Gio's Fresh Mediterranean
    Business Manager
    8/4/2013 I respect your decision on what you said last about not coming back, and please don't disrespect my… Read more
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    1/23/2013 Updated review
    1 check-in here

    Update -- I just had the Gio's Fresh Mediterranean cater my boss's birthday and everyone LOVED it!  We had chicken kebab, lule kebab, falafel, hummus, rice, greek salad... all of it was INCREDIBLE!  

    Sam, the owner, is the best!  He delivered everything to my workplace and included plates and utensils!

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    1/17/2013 Previous review
    The owner comes into my workplace all the time, trying to promote his new location (aside from the… Read more
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    Food is great been here a few times will be back for sure..

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    The food was delicious! I had the chicken kabob plate and the portion size was good, the meat was moist and flavorful and the salad dressing was amazing. My brother-in-law had the falafel plate which he said was also delicious. The service was excellent and the restaurant was very clean and that is most important to me! Definitely will return!!!

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    Really great!! Good amount of food, fresh, clean and tasty. I don't eat rice and they were more than accommodating, added extra salad. Had the Greek salad and the chicken and veggie kabob. Good service. I will be back!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Right next door to me! Fantastic food, quick service, SUPER friendly staff (Sam and Sam!)

    So far I've tried the Chicken kabob plate (amazing tasty chicken, tons of salad and rice, and hummus with warm pita bread)

    and the two chicken sandwiches (kabob, and Panini) Kabob is traditional with a garlic sauce, but the panini is almost italian with a pesto sauce and cheese, still extremely yummy though!!

    Try this place out! totally recommend it!

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    I tried the beef kabob and the lule kabob. The portions are huge and worth the price. They use fillet mignon for the beef kabob. Its easy to eat and has great flavor. The lule won me over...most places that make this kabob usually just tastes like ground beef but here at gio's you can really taste the herbs and seasoning. Each entree comes with a good amount of basmati rice, hummus, grilled tomato, pepper and a basket of pita bread. Ask for a side of the garlic paste (toum) it goes really well with the food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I always go in and buy their lamb kabob. It is so good! The service and the owner are super nice. I always feel very comfortable in that restaurant. Every single time I order food, I can tell it was made with care because it's always very organized and well presented.

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    Great food, nice and clean and the Owner is really nice.
    Support independent restaurants!

  • 5.0 star rating

    i don't eat meat and so i am always looking for some good Mediterranean food, and after reading the reviews about this place i thought i'd give it a try.

    I got the falafel entree to go and i was impressed. it was a good amount of food with a lot of variety. I got 6 falafel and then humus, salad, rice, pita, tahini sauce and pita and pickles on the side. It all tasted fresh and delicious.

    the place is new, only opened in january and i know this because i and i too spoke with the guy behind the counter (the owner) and he was really nice and welcoming and answered all the questions i had about the place, the food, and possible catering.

    i would definitely order from here again, and maybe next time i will actually sit down and eat :)

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    This place is so good. Very reasonable prices(cheap!) and the food is delicious.

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    I think the guy who owns or manages this place is the reason for the five star reviews Gio's is mostly getting. So, depending on what your rating, I guess reviews will vary. I think the food here is ok at best. The price is fair for what you get, however, it's not great tasting food. I did like the service and hope this place can survive. I like small business's who take pride in their establishment.

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    The place to eat!!! High quality, great presentation, exquisite service...

    I got the Beef Kebob(Filet Mignon) Plate, cooked medium which is the way to go for this type of meat. Plate came with the perfect sides at the precise seasonings. The owner was very friendly, I thought i was eating at the comfort of my own home...

    I search for high quality dining based on my cravings, and I truly feel like I found my Lebanese Food fix. Everyone looks for that home cooked meal away from home, Well... This is that SPOT!!!

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    I am literally waiting for my food right now. the owner is so friendly and entertaining. I come here almost twice a week my mom loves their chicken shawarma and their portion is huge!! Its like good for two! You better check it out guys you wont regret it :)

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    4/12/2013 Updated review

    *Update:  I returned on 4/12/2013 for another falafel plate which was very good as before.  I also tried a chicken shawarma sandwich which was likewise very good.  The chicken was grilled well, very flavorful and with the right level of juiciness so that the pita bread would not become soggy.

    The chef and owner is as friendly and attentive as his wife.  They are mindful that people have dietary concerns and were welcoming to the questions I had.  If you are concerned about healthy dietary options, feel free to speak with the staff at Gio's.  They will guide your selections and accommodate you!

    On my third visit to Gio's, I will have to try their beef and lamb dishes as well as dessert.

    I encourage those reading this to give Gio's Fresh Mediterranean a try.  I have found that restaurants that are sincerely concerned about the quality of their food and interactions with customers are few and far between.  Gio's is one of the establishments that takes pride in their work!

    Rating updated to 5/5 stars!  Good luck, God bless, and I hope Gio's stays in business forever!

    4.0 star rating
    4/6/2013 Previous review
    I was in the mood for falafel and didn't feel like driving a few more miles for a Zankou Chicken… Read more
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    1 check-in here

    What a GREAT find!  Nothing fancy but fresh,tasty,healthy food. We had the lentil soup, lamb kabob, hummus, and the eggplant panini. All delicious. The chef came to speak with us and explained how he prepares his dishes. He has owned other high end restaurants before this one. The prices were so reasonable, I couldn't make the high quality food for that price at home. Gio's is new to the neighborhood and I wish them alot of luck. I'll be back soon!

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    Great family business beef kebab & Lula were amazing. Came here instead of zankou, and it was much better. Juicy and perfectly cooked (not at all dry) great service by Gio's father Sam.

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    this place is an addiction !

    Sam B.
    Comment from Sam B. of Gio's Fresh Mediterranean
    Business Manager
    10/29/2013 Thank you for the positive review Saif! Your support and feedback mean the world to us. We hope to… Read more
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    First to Review

    THIS PLACE WAS DELICIOUS! the food is very satisfying. The meat were definitely high quality meat, the beef was filet mignon and the lamb was perfectly cooked and very well seasoned! The owner was very pleasant also. Overall i recommend this place for everyone! We will for sure come back again and again! Ps: GREAT PRICES TOO!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm so glad this place opened and that it's right by my house. Unbelievable food. While we waited we talked to the owner, Sam, and he couldn't have been nicer. He guaranteed we would love the food and he definitely made good on his word. We'll be back soon!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing Food! I order the beef kabob plate and they use filet mignon and can cook the meat the way you like it (rare, medium, or well-done). It is so delicious!  Sam is the main guy there and is really cool (nice guy!).  I hope this place is around for a long time because I will keep coming back!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Love this place & the people who own & run it. Who says Los Angeles doesn't have a home town feel. We are vegetarians and they always do their best to make sure we get what we need, the way we need it!

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