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    When I lived in long beach this was my go to guide! I still call for guidance since I'm no longer local. Very accurate, great prices, it honestly doesn't get any better!  If you need some guidance she's your guide!

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    My first reading was with Chandra. I believe it is one of the best things I have done since moving to CA.  As I sat down I new I came to the right place. I felt comfortable and although I was nervous, I knew she would be honest and she kept me at ease. It has only been a few weeks since my reading but my life has changed drastically. Some of the changes have been difficult but knowing they will bring more positive influences in my life have made these actions easier. I am already feeling and experiencing the benefits she predicted.  If you are looking for answers, let Chandra guide you. We all have free will and our destiny can always change, but it is nice to get insight from a spiritual guide.

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    I have to say, she is the most accurate medium I have ever encountered! It was almost scary!  She was extremely professional and incredibly passionate about her field. I am definitely going to recommend Chandra to my friends. I would highly suggest if anyone out there is as much of a  skeptic as I was, talk to her once and you will be hooked!! Thank you Chandra!!!!!!!! :-)

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    Chandra Moon is the real deal. Feels like you're chatting with an old friend.  She's very spiritual and very in tune with her gift. This was my first time even doing anything like this, so to say I was skeptical is an understatement. Before she gets started she will give you her background and listen closely. You'll see she's the real deal. Afterwards, I advise you not hop on the phone right away to blab about everything, allow yourself a few hours to digest it all. I was going through an emotional battleground for weeks and after this visit with Chandra, I feel so much better. I have a more positive outlook. My personal life was in an uproar and I was going crazy on the inside. I walked in all smiles but Chandra immediately pointed out my emotional imbalance. Be prepared to cry, lol - But is okay..

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    I don't know how to describe my amazing experience I had with chandramoon. It was amazing friendly funny and so patient. Everything she said was right. I went to her for answers and she told me things I didn't know. She connected with my daddy that I lost 5 years ago and it was emotional to hear that he is always with me . I will absolutely come back to her again. I feel so much better today with all that she told me. :) This women not only has a spiritual gift she has a beautiful heart and soul.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have been seeing Chandra for about a month now and I absolutely love her. The first time I went to her, she told me things that nobody would know. I didn't tell her anything and she was right on. My grandmother came through and that was a wonderful experience.  I had to rush home to tell my husband because I've always told him that if anyone would come through, then it would be her. Again, I knew it was real because she told me things that only my grandmother would know. I was blown away. I have been seeing Chandra ever since and will continue to see her. She has definitely turned my life around and I am seeing great results. She takes her time with you and helps you with whatever you need.  It may be hard to hear the truth about yourself but it's you who must learn from it and grow. She doesn't hold anything back and I wouldn't expect her to. She is such a caring and wonderful person and I thank God for leading me to her.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I came to see Chandra yesterday.  She accommodated me on a short notice because I visited from Northern California.  Chandra's reading was 100% accurate.  I have been given readings before but with Sandra, there was not one information she said that was off.  All of it was spot on, it's like she read me like a book.  Even a question I had for a friend (I just gave her a name), it was to a T!  Amazing, wonderful experience.  She is also very warm, spiritual, down to earth and has a very good sense of humor, which made the session light and easy.  I love her!   And her price -very reasonable.  I would absolutely go back again and I definitely highly recommend her!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing...that's the first word that comes to mind.  When my husband and I went to go see Chandra over three years ago now we didn't know what to expect.  She told both of us things about our fathers and one sister that had passed over 10+ years ago now that blew us away.  The comfort she was able to provide about their passing and continued presence in our lives was invaluable.  She was even able to give us some indications about upcoming health problems certain family members would be having and to prepare for.  Every single thing she mentioned to us was 100% spot on.  We even had her visit our work place that we had been experiencing some "strange" things and brought peace to us there as well and an understanding about the entity that resides within.  Her skills are a blessing and we will continue to seek guidance from her as long as we can.  She's become a true member / addition to our family.

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International radio personality and psychic medium, Chandra can help you communicate with passed loved ones, get information about your career, love life and anything else weighing on you. Readings are done in English and Spanish.

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I have been reading for over 2 decades ! I am a master of the tarot as well as a very experienced medium.
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