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    Cafe Yesterday is a down-to-Earth coffee/food spot that serves really good food and coffee.

    The prices are so low I wonder how they make money. My man and I had breakfast here recently and it came to $13.50 total for the two of us.

    They have real bagels and they make top notch cappuccinos. But if you want a blueberry muffin and a sugar-free vanilla, nonfat latte they got you covered, too.

    They also serve various sandwiches and they have a cereal bar with like 20 cereals and a ton of toppings. Good for breakfast, lunch or a snack.

    The staff is friendly -- warm, kind, responsive and professional. They are clearly focused on doing a good job. They make nice eye contact. They treat me like I am a worthwhile person. It just has a positive vibe.

    The furniture is comfortable and useful. Good tables for doing work, good WiFi. It has a bohemian aesthetic, yet is very clean. Although it's  a large space that can seat a ton of people, each table and seating area feels separate and intimate.

    The bathrooms are always spotless.

    It's just really life affirming to see a business where so much care goes into everything, with humility and grace.

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    I was hungry, between two appointments, and in the area.  Turning to Yelp for some good ideas Cafe Yesterday popped up and I headed over.  Luckily it was Sunday and street parking was free and available right outside.  If not, you would have to go down the block or a side street.

    Walking in you can see their menu and a selection of baked goods.  There was a good selection of breakfast foods & sandwiches, even a specific vegetarian section.  After ordering a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avo) with a side salad I sat down and a few minutes later was brought a sandwich.  The bacon must have already been cooked, but that is fine.  The sandwich was well made and tasty and the side salad generously covered with feta, cranberries, dressing and a few walnuts.  I would have liked about double the leafy greens to go with the toppings, but that is me.

    Solid food, solid ambiance, reasonable prices (not cheap, in line with other places) sounds good so far!  

    As a warning or note, when you look around the dining room the vibe is coffee shop instead of cafe.  There are a lot of low tables and chairs as well as regular height tables around.  I have no idea how they are as a coffee shop like how good the coffee is or how crowded it gets.  Since they are across from the library it would be a good spot to stop in.

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    I always love finding a new cozy coffee shop!

    This one had all the important goods: comfortable couches, spacious tables, great coffee and good music playing. I love the book and record shelves as well.

    My favorite coffee ships are those that could be someone's living room and cafe yesterday really hit the spot. I will definitely be back.

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    I was really pleasantly surprised by Cafe Yesterday! Maybe my expectations were unreasonably low - the fact that this place seemed attached to the overpriced furnished student housing next door led me to believe that it would be a lame excuse for a coffee shop. It definitely was not that! There's plenty of nice seating, and the bagels are pretty good. The baristas seem friendly, as well. I came here while house/cat-sitting for a friend, so I'm not normally in the area, but I'd be happy to come back next time I am! (And it sounds like I should check out the sandwiches next time.)

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    I am not a hipster. If anything I am the antithesis of hipster. Now that I think about it, using the term antithesis may in and of itself qualify me as a hipster. Damn it, I am becoming becoming a cultural ouroboros.

    I digress.

    I come here a few times a week to pretend to work and generally waste time accidentally on BuzzFeed links and hyperbolicly re-branded UpWorthy posts. As far as atmospheres go, you couldn't ask for a better place to main line culturally acceptable liquid speed and eat a delicious sandwich. The staff is markedly nonchalant and extremely friendly. The baristas will always engage in a few witty volleys of conversation if you goad them into it, and the coffee and espresso are top notch.

    This is everything I would expect from a good coffee shop. It has plush couches, a TV usually playing sports that nobody watches, and they serve their drinks in massive 55-gallon capacity mugs featuring the art of classic bands and cartoon characters.

    I love this place, you should too, go there, buy stuff, make it popular and ruin it completely. Because they deserve the success.

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    Quite possibly the slowest coffee place in the entire world. Coffee is mediocre. Still waiting for food.

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    Odd delays in placing my order. The staff repeatedly said 'just another minute' while they attended to many various other restaurant chores that somehow didn't include taking my order or making my sandwich. I had the Milvia (pastrami and melted jack) sandwich. Your basic sliced bread toasted sandwich just like you would make at home. Not a restaurant quality sandwich with something extra worthy of elevating it to the price of $8. Not a good value - can't recommend.

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    I enjoyed this place. I would definitely come back.

    I came here with one other friend on Saturday noonish. All the tables and couches were occupied. We got lucky and spotted someone leaving. Most people were studying and reading. As far as I remember, the atmosphere was great, noise level was low. The tables were spread out enough so we had the space we needed for a quality conversation.

    I ordered a chai tea latte, it had good tea flavor, not too sweet and good layer of foam. Just the way I like. There was only 1 person working, so it took sometime to get my drink, which I didn't mind.

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    Ah, Yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away. Yes, I do believe ..in Yesterday.

    Cafe Yesterday rocks! It has the best vibe.
    Biggest plusses for me: Cool staff. Awesome chill soundtracks('Miles Davis' to 'The Devil Makes Three'). Vinyl collection. Santa Cruz roasted-Verve coffee. Comfy furnishings.

    Just a great place to get your coffee buzz on, people watch and try to get some work done (a creative mind SHOULD wander).

    Only thing I'd change would be to the already awesome cereal menu: some lower-sugar options like Kashi and Puffins Peanut butter.

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    Such a cool coffee shop! Decided to stop by here on my way to UC Berkeley. I ordered the Chai latte with a shot of espresso for some caffeine. The chai was really good, and the barista especially made it "not so sweet" for me.

    I wanted something light for breakfast, so I decided on the yogurt parfait. It is layered plain yogurt with granola, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. It was delicious and it was served in a cute little mason jar :). It was healthy too because they use plain Greek yogurt but I added some honey for sweetness.

    Next time I'll splurge and get the cereal here. You can get a bowl of sugary cereal, milk,  and add a bunch of toppings - yum!

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    This is a great cafe, very open, plenty of seating. Customer service is incredible and it's near campus. It's definitely a college coffee shop and their sandwich selection is incredible and super affordable. Parking available right in front and music selection is great. Free wifi. If u are looking to get some work done or a quick drop in this is the place to be.

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    Very few of my east coast coffee haunts have beer & wine licenses so I'm always excited to find a place that can espresso my jet-lagged a$$ in the early morning and then serve up a beer when I return in the evening. Bonus points for being right across the street from the hotel I was crashing at for this trip.

    Great space, friendly staff and good beer/espresso. Wish I was staying longer.

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    Cafe Yesterday is a great place! Nice staff. They have great food, coffee, and tea selection. Also there is a homey feel with couches.

    The wifi doesn't always work unless u have an iPad, iPhone, or MacBook.

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    Stopped here for breakfast every day o my recent trip to Berkeley. The food, coffee, and service were all awesome.

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    Really nice staff.  Great atmosphere.

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    Very cool laid back cafe. The coffee and food are great. Best of all it doesn't have that Starbucks yelling and chatter in the back of your ear when you trying to study. The employees are also really laid back cool people that you might be able to see yourself hang out with as friends.

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    Exactly how it went down:

    I came in and stood at the counter while a woman who was done ordering chatted with the cashier for a good ten minutes.  I ended up leaning against the wall, and was promptly approached by someone who worked there who not too kindly informed me that I had leaned against the light switch and turned the lights down.  (Ah, so that's how I get you in the mood to service me.  You're one of those kinky broads who likes the lights on.  Nasty.)

    So, even then, they continued to talk for another 5 minutes.  Now, normally I would have just left, but a friend and I needed to use the internet to film some hands using a certain website, which was going to be the last shot of the day, and we just wanted to get that shit over with.  I thought it would be polite to pay for a drink since we would be using their space to internets, and film.  (Don't worry, we weren't filming the place, just my computer.)

    Finally the guy at the counter acknowledges that I am more than just an unintentional light dimmer, and asks for my order.  But now he is... impatient.  He's very rushy, and so I just stammer through what I want.  He says it will be a few minutes.  I just wanted a plain iced coffee, and it came out to three dollars.  So I only tipped one dollar.  Because $4 for a plain iced coffee is a bit steep, but whatever- it's Berkeley.  When he saw that I put in a dollar for the tip, he literally chuckled.  Like, a slow head shake, and a chuckle.  

    It took him another ten minutes to make the coffee, and I honestly- I wish I was exaggerating.  Maybe he left to go pick the beans.  I hear people in Berkeley are into community farming.  I don't know.  My inkling though, is that he was just being a dick because you know, I fucked with the lights on accident, and I only tipped 33.3%, and he very clearly deserved so much more for keeping me waiting for over 15 minutes to order.

    Ok, so all that being said, the coffee was pretty damn good, which is why I am giving them two stars instead of one.  But really I want to give them one, because the whole thing was a little bit unnerving.  But I'm fair like that.  I'm a pleaser.  I will keep the lights on for you baby.

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    Nice people, bad coffee. Chill place, I am probably being too harsh, but be careful ordering food when certain people are working (breakfast burrito made me feel a little strange and was mostly sour cream). I started coming here when it first opened and keep coming because it's a neighborhood spot and I like the owners and staff, but the quality needs to increase guys... In sorry.

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    Total but-her face.

    The food and other offerings at Cafe Yesterday are absolutely terrific. The Schulz sandwich is actually one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. However, I'm not a fan of the cafe space itself. Yes, I like the free wi-fi, but I'm not sold on the idea of televisions in a cafe. Plus, I don't understand how people can stay in the cafe for more than 10 minutes; it's hot and stuffy with bad lighting. It also closes at a ridiculously early time.

    I live in Campanile Court, the building that houses the cafe. For the past two mornings I've tried to call to make a food order, but the cafe never picks up. This means one of two things: (1) staff is unresponsive or (2) the only working phone is in the manager's office, which is always empty. It's strange not being about to pre-order food from a cafe; even stranger is the cafe ignoring my phone call. What if I had been their coffee distributor or landlord?

    I also have three personal grips with them. First of all, service is very slow. I had brunch with some neighbors last week, and they delivered our food one at a time. By the time I got my meal, everyone else was done with their own.

    Secondly, a counter server sassed me. He claimed my friend ordered to go, and assumed I did, too. I don't think my friend did because we had been planning to eat there and then. When my meal was finally ready, they didn't even call my name; they just left it sitting on the counter. I ordered oatmeal, and I couldn't even distinguish it because it was placed in a disposable coffee cup with lid and all. When I asked the counter server why it was packaged that way, he gave me a bit of an attitude and didn't act anywhere close to sympathetic. (Sorry if me wanting to eat gets in the way of you doing your job correctly!) I was in customer service for 3 years; if I ever talked to a customer like the way he talked to me, I'd probably get the evil eye from my boss.

    And lastly, they never have juice. The first time I went to Cafe Yesterday, I was in a rush and grabbed an orange juice to go. It was one of those unpleasant Dole juices with all the preservatives. I wanted to grab juice almost everyday this week, and they've been "sold out." What's the deal? Mi Tierra Foods, the grocery store less than a block away, has extremely affordable freshly made juices, coffee, and sandwiches! The store even offers student discounts. If Mi Tierra Foods had tables, I would eat there everyday. What does it say when a Mexican grocery store competes with a proper cafe?

    My recommendation is always order to-go. Why eat or study in a cafe that isn't fitting for either? It's a shame that this place has such wonderful food, but the establishment itself lacks in the very important particulars; in other words, what a but-her face.

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    Cool cafe!! The place has a retro vibe reminiscent of the 60's & 70's. I liked all the vintage furnishings, decor, and most of all, the music! Very fun & relaxing setting. Also, it's awesome that there's free wifi.

    I'm a huge fan of lattes and the iced cafe latte I ordered here was EXCELLENT. However, it took the barista about 25 minutes to get it out to me! There were only 2 people ahead of me and neither of them ordered coffee. There was another worker behind the counter too, so I really don't know what the hold up was. Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed my latte....I savored every sip. So refreshing and goood! The workers here are really cool & friendly, though. When I finally received my drink, they did offer a sincere apology for the long wait.

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    Food quality and chill out spaces are top notch, but service / wait times aren't always the best.

    Great if you're hanging around, not ideal for To go orders if you want something quick.  

    Bomb sandwiches on croissants

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    I have always been a fan of croissant sandwiches and I LOVE their The Reverend. Both times I went they ran out of black forest ham so I replaced it with turkey which I think is still pretty awesome. I would give a big big plus on their orange spicy sauce, it is very heavenly.

    That missing start is for their coffee. I ordered hazelnut latte twice. The first time it was way too sweet, it tasted like hazelnut syrup with milk. The second time I told them it was too sweet and see if double espresso shot or less syrup would fix it and she suggested less syrup, which it does tastes less sweet but the espresso was still not strong enough. Maybe next time I would try double the shots.

    But I would definitely recommend people to try it out, the atmosphere is great for studying and chilling or just talking with friends. They got sofa and a huge TV, free wifi and large tables for studying. When you order coffee to sit-in, they would give you a mug haha.

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    I'm writing this as I wait for my coffee. As much as I want to support my local cafe... I can't. The atmosphere is okay, the wifi works, there's couches, but the house coffee's burnt and the espresso drinks are mediocre. Promised myself I wouldn't come back here. Was told the pour over was the way to go so I gave it a shot this morning.

    I just waited 20 minutes for a $3 lukewarm cup of joe. There wasn't even a line or someone who had ordered drinks in front of me. Never again.

    GF's review of the coffee: "Tastes like soup."

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    Pros: strong coffee, cereal bar, variety of comfy seating, good music

    Cons: Food is nothing memorable. I ordered the B.L.A.T. And it was nothing special. Not worth $7.50 for sure. Lacked presentation. Honestly, I could've made the sandwich at home. Wifi is really slow. No outlets for computers.

    I would only come back here for the ample seating and coffee, otherwise there isn't much to be desired, especially when Local 123 is around the corner and has much better food.

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    Great spot in Berkeley. The guys who operate this cafe are nice and easy going.  they are willing to accommodate your special request to their cafe menu items - just ask!  The cafe is a clean, large space with lots of electrical outlets, ample seating and tables.  It feel more like a rec room or lounge space with several sofas set up.  They have great tunes - kinda loud. Is you want to be distracted from studying or working they usually have cool documentaries (no sound) on the tube.  During my last visit, it was a skateboarding one.  And if you really want to party it up....they also have beers on tap!  My kind of cafe.

    Tips to know: metered street parking only.  Clean bathrooms.

    Baby tip: no changing table.

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    Not cool. Their online hours on Google Maps said they would be open early on Saturdays, but they were closed at 7:10. Be prepared for a disappointment as you stare through the dark glass, the ironic "We're open" sign as you attempt to reconcile their open hours posted online and those posted at their door.

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    Most of this review is based off of their awesome pour over coffee (5/5).  

    Their breakfast burrito is made in a microwave and should be avoided.

    The service is slow, so probably not a good place to grab coffee on way to work.

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    They should call it Cafe Tomorrow because that's how long it takes to get your coffee.  Almost 30 minutes for a so-so drink?  This is why most people go to Starbucks.

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    I've wanted to try this local business. Always good to have more coffee shops in my neighborhood. The atmosphere is inviting and casual...lots of people sprawled in an eclectic mix of seating, including a couple big tables. Free internet, low key music.

    My mocha was quite tasty, but I knocked one star off because they didn't seem to be able to meet my request for no foam (or "flat" in Peets talk).

    One star off because the lighting was all 60W incandescent bulbs. Really, in 2014? I guess that's a yesterday thing, but totally not necessary, and may be the reason the place was uncomfortably warm.

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    Total cuteness.  Very laid back little place to get work done.  I was a little bummed there were no free couches, but I got over myself and enjoyed my chai at a nice table by the window.  And my chai was delish.

    Great music.  Loud enough to notice, but quiet enough to still enjoy my conversation.  

    Best part...  The staff is So Nice.  Love the friendly vibe.

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    It took me a while to write this review since I'm a coffee noob. That said, as a newer coffee drinker, they were really helpful in describing the differences between their slow drip coffees. The cup I got was smooth and bold in flavor, just how I like it. No milk or sugar please, this cup is complete by itself. And they have the lowest prices I know of for such high quality coffee.

    I also love the atmosphere here. Great place to chill and do work. A little too chill since the Wi-Fi gets overloaded by people who buy one cup of coffee and camp out for 8 hours.

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    The sandwich and salad I had were delicious!! I'm only giving them 3 stars because I was put off by their credit card reader automatically prompting you for a 15%+ tip when they don't bring your food to you AND you're supposed to buss your own table.

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    I went here for the first time and didn't regret it. I ordered iced latte, it was so good (can't really explain it, you better try it out urself)
    The place was really nice, it was kinda busy w/ students doing their homework (i guess) the barista was pretty cool n friendly. I heard the drip coffee is okay so next time i'll try that one for sure!
    i'm definitely coming back :)

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    The Mr. Schultz sandwich was great; wasn't expecting a crossaint but it complimented the tasty turkey, cheese, and avocado beautifully.  The iced tea was suprisingly good too, it's hit or miss many places but it was good enough here to merit specific mention.

    The space itself is spacious with comfy couches; a nice relaxing place to chat or work compared to some sardine style coffeeshops.  The wi fi is fast.  I'll look forward to returning to try the breakfast offerings and coffee options too!

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    Special K with fresh fruit & a mocha was awesome. Had it on the way to Napa and ended up getting it the next day on the drive back since we enjoyed it so much the previous day.

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    One of the best cafes in Berkeley to get some work done. When I work here during the day, there's usually a spot with a plug in the wall for me to plop down and churn some work out with.

    What helps me get this work done?
    1) Verve. Santa Cruz's finest coffee. I love me my high end specialty coffee shops that serve single origin cups of deliciousness. They rotate the house coffee that they press, so you can count on trying something new regularly. They'll also do a single-drip pour over for you.

    2) The music. They play great music. Some people think it's too loud, but the white noise/din of the room helps me zero in as I hammer my work out on my computer.

    3) Ryan and the staff. They do a great job of taking care of you; generous with the way they pour their coffee, remember your face and name. Real neighborhood spot.

    When I'm not working:
    1) I've been to a show here. My friend's band plays here every so often. Other than the awkward column, it's a fun place to listen to live music.

    2) Beer + Happy hour.

    Great cafe. FREE parking around the corner on Curtis St. I love it here.

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    The barista with the beard has mad milk-steaming skills. I swear to god, you get a big clump of foam on your spoon and you'll think you're eating Marshmallow Fluff! It is JUST THAT DENSE.
    Well done, sir.

    3.0 star rating
    10/4/2011 Previous review
    I have mixed feelings about this place.
    What I look for in a comfy Sunday coffee shop experience:…
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    Delicious cocoa puffs with drizzly peanut butter and chocolate syrup. If you love cereal, especially the sugary kind, you must try! Mmmmm

  • 3.0 star rating

    this is a hipster cafe, whatever that means.  the food served here is very good, and THEY HAVE A CEREAL BAR!  I don't know of any other place that does this other than cereality in philadelphia.  Yes, i know that it doesn't cost much to make but i'm honestly not going to spend the time going to safeway just to buy toppings and chocolate syrups.  

    Other considerations aside, I wouldn't come here again to study.  It closes too early and the outlets are few in number.  It's also a bit louder here than at other berkeley cafes.

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    I have reservations about giving 5 stars. To me, it means that the place is flawless. There are very few places that deserve a 5 stars in my eyes. But the reason why Yesterday deserves such high distinction is because they serve great food, coffee, and are a non-profit establishment.

    I don't ever recall hearing a coffee house or cafe being a non-profit. I really think it is amazing that such an establishment sends all its revenue to local charities or donates it. It is very inspiring. Knowing how messed up the economic system is as well as how dysfunctional the food system is, its good to know there are people trying to work for the people.

    I like the fact that they have live music. It really embodies this idea of catering to the people in many ways.

    The food is amazing. The Schultz is as great as people say it is. By far one of the best Croissant sandwiches. The breakfast croissant is delicious as well. Coffee is coffee. Good quality so I can't really comment.

    Support local business.